Petition Against Breed-Discriminatory Legislation in Texas

Texas state law currently prohibits discrimination against individuals based on their dog’s breed or appearance (also known as breed-specific legislation, or BSL).

However, recently, Texas has seen an upswing in cries for breed-specific legislation, including an anti-pit bull rally in Tyler and a petition in Rusk County / Jacksonville calling for statewide discrimination against “pit bull” owners that has garnered hundreds of signatures. The last Texas legislative session also saw an attempt to get legislation passed against “pit bull” owners.

We need your help to stop this discrimination before it starts!

Love-A-Bull is starting a petition which directs our state lawmakers to:

  • Keep intact the current state law that prohibits breed-discriminatory legislation
  • Refuse to propose or support legislation which would discriminate against people based on a dog’s  breed or physical appearance

Please help us gather signatures for the petition, which will be presented to Texas state legislators in January 2010, and again at the start of the 2011 Legislative Session.

Download the petition text and signature page now! (2 PDF Docs)
Download the petition text (Word Doc) and signature page (Excel) now!


  1. Download and print out ONE (1) copy of the petition text.
  2. Download and print out as many of the signature pages as you want.
  3. Gather signatures from people who are eligible to vote in Texas. (They do not have to be registered voters.)
  4. Make a copy of the signature pages for your records if you wish.
  5. Send the original signature pages to Love-A-Bull
    Mail to: P.O. Box 18792, Austin, TX 78760

The text of the petition is as follows:


A Petition Directing the Members of the Texas Legislature to Oppose Discriminatory Legislation Against Dog Owners Based on a Dog’s Breed, Type, or Appearance

To be presented to the members of the Texas House and Senate on January 31, 2010 and at the start of the 2011 Legislative Session

Whereas we recognize that each and every dog is an individual in temperament and behavior, and physical appearance does not determine behavior;

Whereas all dogs have the potential to do serious or lethal harm, and this is not dictated solely by a dog’s physical appearance but by a number of complex circumstances;

Whereas dog owners should be held strictly liable for the actions of their dogs regardless of the dog’s physical appearance, so that both dog owners and victims of irresponsible dog owners are provided equal rights and restitutions;

Whereas breed-specific or breed-discriminatory legislation is unethical and inhumane, and has been shown to be financially unsupportable, a detriment to public safety, and a legal quagmire;

Whereas non-breed-specific or non-discriminatory laws provide public safety in an effective, humane, legal, equitable, and moral way;

The undersigned citizens of Texas do hereby direct the members of the state legislature to do the following:

  1. Keep intact Texas Health and Safety Code 822.047, which prohibits municipalities from declaring dogs dangerous based solely on breed.
  2. Refuse to vote for or support any discriminatory legislation against dog owners, including but not limited to breed bans, restrictions on particular types of dogs, or unequal ownership requirements that are based on a dog’s physical appearance.

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  • BSL laws do not work. Punish irresponsible owners, not the dogs.

    K. McCoy says:

  • Breed discrimination is unreasonable and unconstitutional. They are here because of US! They sat by our side their entire lives! Devoted nothing but everything they have and are to US! And I’m not going to watch some people destroy an entire breed, so rich of history, full of life, because of a few bad apples. People are the problem and not this incredible breed!! Fix the people, then you’ll fix the problem!!

    Doua Vang says:

  • Why punish the breed.punish the owner that is careless

    Dana Mason says:

  • Pit bulls are not the problem. Uneducated owners and animal abusers are.

    Katrina Scott says:

  • This is unfair and ridiculos. I know too may good pit dogs. It’s the owner not the animal!!!!

    KC says:

  • 1.Keep intact Texas Health and Safety Code 822.047, which prohibits municipalities from declaring dogs dangerous based solely on breed.
    2.Refuse to vote for or support any discriminatory legislation against dog owners, including but not limited to breed bans, restrictions on particular types of dogs, or unequal ownership requirements that are based on a dog’s physical appearance.

    Thank you
    John Baker

    John Baker says:

  • i think it is rediculous about this mess all dogs bite not just one breed its how there raised and given attention and treated or bloodlines i thought discremination was illigal kinda like racist its just wrong

  • I am a proud owner of two beautiful, well behaved, loving, caring, amazing pit bulls. I would heart broken and very very angry if they passed a law punishing the whole breed. This has been said millions of times but, “BLAME THE IRRESPONSIBLE OWNER, NOT THE DOG”

    Britt says:

  • We have two beautiful loyal well behaved pit bulls – I have been around all types of breeds of dogs all my life from my 2 1/2 lb yorkie to my two 65 lb pit bulls my its all in how you educate yourself and raise them I’m also a dog groomer I see more shiht zus that bite mibehave and are visious little guys but its definitly in how the dogs are raised and socialized – really sad!!!

    stephanie says:

  • I do not currently have any bulldogs but i used to. These are GREAT dogs and I personally think its a shame that politicians think it necessary to ban a type of dog. When people are buying bengal tigers and african lions for 3-500 dollars online to keep as “pets” now you tell me whats dangerous a 40 pound dog who only wants to please its owner or a 500lb african lion which i might point out is a wild animal. My email is i want my name on that petition if you know where one is at in the dfw area let me know.

    Kevin O'Connor says:

  • My son had to move because of this. His pit bull was always on a leash when taken outside. Otherwise he was inside his apartment. He is fun loving and plays with certain other dogs. You have to be careful when introducing any two dogs. A law should be instituted against irresponsible pet owners ONLY!!!! It’s not the breeds of dogs that is the problem. It’s the dumbass people who don’t care for or control their dogs properly. How many court shows has anyone seen where the animal simply wasn’t on a leash? This solves pretty much all dog bite mishaps. All people should be screened before owning a pet, it should be a privelege, not a right. Hell for that matter so should having children. Another subject. Someone out there please go after the real problem, not a breed of dog. Start punishing more severely people who don’t follow a leash law or who don,t have their pets properly confined when not directly attending the animal. DUH!! People are f—–g idiots. Here is just one more thing to prove it.

  • The breed of dog is not the problem…irresponsible or uncaring owners are. Focus on education, not discrimination

    tammy wintermute says:

  • this is a scam bsl in the the year 2010

    jeff novascone says:

  • How can I sign on-line?
    I am handicapped and my car is in the shop and until I get my car back I will forward this to my rotty friends and start writng letters.
    At this moment I apparantly am brain dead or too tired to figure this out since I just rode with the wrecker driver fron Crowely,TX to Dallas and drove a loan car home in Dallas traffic.

    Germanicus Schroeder says:

  • Please note, everyone, that this is NOT an online petition. There are too many problems with online petitions, making them much less legitimate than a pen-on-paper petition.

    So, you must sign a signature sheet.

    You can download a sheet, print it out, and mail it in to us (the mailing address is on the form). It’s very easy and will only cost you a postage stamp.

    Don’t fret about the 20 spaces on the sheet; you don’t have to fill the whole sheet. Just send us whatever you can get.

    Thank you!!

    Jennifer says:

  • BSL has failed miserably everywhere it has been introduced, because the wrong issue is targeted. BSL DOES NOT WORK, IT HAS NEVER WORKED AND IT WILL NEVER WORK.

    Sylva Penkov says:

  • Thank God I do not live in Texas where they have the nerve to ban a breed? Are you kidding me.How about banning the degenerate owners who do not train them to be the amazing breed they are?!

    I am thankful I live in a state where they teach you to be responsible pet owners and not ban a dog for his orher breed. Shame on anyone who allows this in the area they live in. Im a Pit and Rottie mom and you will have to kill me to ever take them from me. Just try it.

    Diane Campbell says:



    lily chen says:

  • ONCE AGAIN..IT IS NOT THE BREED!!! IT IS THE IRRESPONSIBLE OWNERS!!!!! I have boxers, some very large, and they have been mistaken for Pitts so how can a UNEDUCATED dog officer know the difference just by looking at the dog?? My first 2 boxers were raised with 5 Rotts & 2 English Bulldogs, and I now have 7 boxers!! PUNISH THE OWNERS NOT THE BREED!

    Sheryl says:

  • Gee, no one seemed too concerned when I was bit by a chihuauha or however you spell it. Yea, all the bites I have gotten are from SMALL dogs… you know, the sweet ones. Yea, some are, but not all.
    We have a pittie as part of our family. he is a doll and ALL the KIDS love him… and he loves them too. Didn’t anyone learn from the holocaust in germany? this is a holocaust for dogs… sad but true!

    Jana says:

  • I am having trouble printing this out. I have to say JASMINE, i’m soooooooooo proud of you my girl !!!!! I wish more ppl could learn a little something from her and she’s only 11yrs old!!!!!!

    melanie says:

  • The bully is at the other end of the leash wearing a T-shirt! Heard that somewhere…

    "T" says:

  • I have a companion pitbull who is wonderful, sweet, loyal, and well behaved- she was rescued off the street after severe malnourishment and has proven to be an awesome dog…..

    We must continue to educate people who do not know or understand the pitbull breed and the issues surrounding BSL. For it is through their ignorance that laws have passed that have caused many innocent animals to die needlessly just because they were a “pitbull” and lived in a certain district. Any person who takes the time to look deeper into this issue would come to know that this in itself is an atrocity that must be stopped. Let’s make this right by enacting better laws that hold the people accountable that cause this breed to suffer so terribly through inhumane dog fighting and tactics they use to create an unsocialized, aggressive animal-PEOPLE have done this. Dogs are not just born that way. The positive, countless testimonies of pitbull guardians is proof of this….

    Liz Ackerman says:

  • it is not the dogs it is the owners…you can train a poodle to be a killer but becasue of their size the bad owners who want to fight dogs for fun pick the strongest breeds…the pit bulls….they are beautiful and loyal and only want to please their owners… if the owner is a horrible person the poor dog suffers…NOT FAIR…

    as for hte mom who left her baby alone unsupervised..shame on her…the puppies i am gathering were playing but because of their strength..they may have gotten excited..maybe the child pulled their tail…no one knows…that mother should never have left her baby alone…leave the pit bulls alone already…

    edda Bata says:

  • Ban one breed and people will only find another breed to victimize and create and “fighting” dog…. Next thing you know, we’ll be banning rottweilers, dobermans, and all the other “dangerous” breeds.

    T Tu says:

  • How many times do people need to realize that it’s the PERSON not the animal that’s behind bad behavior. Just watch Cesar Milan (“the dog whisper”) sometime. He’s proven it over and over again. Why was the dog not spayed/neutered in the first place? More dogs to be euthanized for people’s ignorance.

    Karin Paris says:

  • This is starting in Angelina County/City of Lufkin too. I would love to help so that we may prevent this from happening state wide.

    Lindsey Smith says:

  • We need to punish the deed not the breed. Their are many responsible owners out their that should not have to pay for the mistakes of those that are irresponsible.If we allow this law to bass it will hurt and destroy many of our families to us these are not just pets but part of our families.

    Jose says:

  • We need to punish the deed not the breed. Their are many responsible owners out their that should not have to pay for the mistakes of those that are irresponsible.If we allow this law to pass it will hurt and destroy many of our families to us these are not just pets but part of our families.

    Jose says:

  • They shouldn’t ban pitbulls I learned to walk by one. They are family just like humans you kill pitbulls you kill my family.

    Nicole says:

  • I am so glad I came across this! Where we live the owners association has filed an affidavit with the courthouse banning pitbull. Yet our boy is a Staffy, which they are saying doesn’t make a difference. I am certainly going to download the information pertaining to the fact that Texas has a law against breed specific discrimination.

    Mrs.N says:

  • When will they learn that there isn’t such a thing as pitbull that is just a name that people gave for a bunch of dogs who are mixed breeds with similar traits. Hal is against the law!!

    Rachelle Parrish says:

  • It is not only the state itself that shouldn’t be able to pass discrimination. Its also realtors and insurance companies. One of the hardest things to deal with being a pitbull owner is that so many places turn us down/charge outrageous prices for housing and home insurance because of our dogs. Some places may be easier than others but the point is it shouldn’t be hard at all.

    Liz says:

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