World Record Photos are here!

The pictures are up! We know you’ve been waiting to see the 300+ pictures from the Texas-Sized Pittie Pride World Record Registration! A BIG “thank you” to Tonya Pet Photography for working so hard to get all the pictures taken and posted!

Can you find your picture? Click on the link to check it out! PITTIE PRIDE PICTURES

Here’s just a little preview below. Click here for the full blog post.


“I knew that Pittie owners loved their dogs before I worked the Love-A-Bull Pit Bull awareness day, but my Gawd there was a lot of love on display at Republic Square Park. Here’s how it went down…”

“…I knew I’d be busy that day, but I had no idea. Lets look at some numbers: 227 pictures in 240 minutes. That’s easy math – just about a picture a minute. FOR FOUR HOURS. And we loved every minute of it…”

“…Thank you to all that came out, enjoyed the day, signed the pledge and who continue to help show the world how great bully breed dogs truly are. If you happen to be one of the 227 owners who braved the sun, wind and rain to get your picture taken, and would like a free small jpeg of your picture…”

“…You are all rockstars and the Pitties are lucky to have you in their corner.”

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