and Minnie Mouse is in the house, too . . .

We went to Log Cabin for just one dog, but we came home with two. You didn’t think we’d leave her behind, did you?

If you read our post yesterday, you may remember us mentioning Macky Mack’s girlfriend. This sweet little girl was picked up as a stray on Christmas Eve after the Chief got a call about a loose pit bull type dog running around behind the grocery store. She had reportedly been shot. So the Chief did what the Chief does, and he scooped her up. Just a few days later, she and Macky were playing in the yard together. Another day or two, and they were officially in love.

Chief Nutt slyly admitted that he had delayed sending the little girl — Minnie Mouse — to the shelter even though her stray time was up, hoping we would adore her silly puppiness and her enormous ears as much as Macky did. An hour later, she was in the truck.

Very clever, Chief Nutt — you nailed us for the suckers we are!

For info on adopting Minnie Mouse or Nutty Brown (formerly Macky), check our Adopt-A-Bulls page!

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