Well folks, we’re pumped to announce that two of our fantastic Adopt-A-Bulls went home last week, and just in time — there are five dogs traveling cross-country to join Love-A-Bull later this week, and we need foster homes open for them. Stay tuned for more on our new beauties, but for now, let’s celebrate the adoptions of Libby aka Penny, and Buck Rogers!

LIBBY (formerly PENNY)

Oh, Libby. When we whispered to you to be a good girl and make yourself at home in your foster home, we didn’t mean that you should make yourself literally at home!

Libby (formerly Penny) had been in foster care for a few months when foster dad started falling more and more deeply in love with her. We had a suspicion that her foster home would be her happy ending, but we kept our mouths shut and just watched. Sure enough, six months later, Libby is home! Although she came to us as a survivor of cruelty — brought in after Animal Control received a call about some kids burning a dog — she has left her sad past long behind. Now she’s focused on the present, and for good reason: she gets along famously with her canine sibling, and dad takes the dogs out to his family ranch on holidays and weekends to run, run, run. Libby is a lucky gal to have such a fantastic dad, doggie sister, and the promise of ranch-style vacations where she’ll get to play with other family dogs and explore the wilderness. Congrats, Libby!


We never could resist Buck Rodgers’ sweet little face. When we pulled him from a high-kill city shelter just hours before his scheduled euthanasia, we thought hewouldn’t be in our foster program for long. This guy has too much to accomplish! Even though he was very thin and sick when he came to us, his new mama fell in love with him at first sight. She could just tell by looking into our guy’s eyes that he would be her perfect companion: once spring hits, she and her boyfriend plan to train him to run the trails along with them when they go out on their BMX bikes! Go get ’em, Buck Rogers!

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