Now on video: “Texas Sized” Pittie Pride!

Ever wondered what a big old party with 1,000 pit bull type dogs would look like?

Those who attended Love-A-Bull’s National Pit Bull Awareness Day event –the “Texas Sized Pittie Pride parade and festival– already know. Those who were not lucky enough to be with us? Wonder no further. The official video is out!

We lost count at a few hundred, but word on the street is that more than 1,000 pit bull type dogs were in attendance — along with special guests actress Holly Marie Combs, musician John Shipe, BAD RAP founders Tim Racer and Donna Reynolds, YouTube star “Sharky”, and LeRoy Golden with frisbee phenoms Karma, Justice and Bruzair.

It’s been a couple of months since that amazing day in November, but we still have chills thinking about it, and this video (from the very talented Cynthia Stein) leaves us with hearts swelling with pittie pride, big wide grins, and teary eyes. We bet it’ll do the same to you.

Check it out:

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