Save lives. Foster with Love-A-Bull.

We’re going to let you in on a little secret. Fostering dogs through Love-A-Bull is not only a good way to save lives, but it’s also a great way to make new friends, become a stronger dog handler, and learn a lot about yourself.

With River still waiting patiently for a foster home at our vet’s office and five dogs coming from the East Coast this weekend, we’re thinking this is a great time for those who are fostering-curious to come out of the shadows and announce themselves. We’re waiting with open arms!

Not sure if fostering is for you? Read on.

Foster families provide a much-needed soft spot to land on for dogs who have usually just endured a long and difficult journey. Most dogs who join our program have spent the last weeks living in a kennel with little human touch. Some of them need to learn to be dogs again.

We evaluate our dogs carefully, and only select ones who are great with people. Most of our dogs are also fantastic with other dogs, and some even like cats. While the Adopt-A-Bulls join us with varying degrees of that understanding-how-to-be-a-house-pet quality, they tend to be extraordinarily willing to work, and pick up new skills very quickly.

If you choose to join our program, we will take the time to talk with you about your unique needs and capabilities. We wouldn’t put a dog with a too-keen interest in cats into a home where a kitty rules the roost, nor would we place a young pup with somebody who works 12 hours per day.

We love when foster families have some experience with basic dog training, but beginners are welcome too! Our foster families have access to Love-A-Bull’s own four-week basic obedience course, which is held in two locations in Austin. We also have good relationships with a couple of experienced trainers, who are always willing to lend a hand in helping foster families work through little hiccups or puzzling behaviors.

Love-A-Bull takes care of all vet care for the animals, and if needed, will provide collars, leashes, tags, and crate. Most of our fosters provide their own food, beds, and toys, but we’ll gladly acquire those for a foster family in need.

Most of our dogs are adopted through our website and petfinder, which means that the more cute photos and stories you can tell us about your Adopt-A-Bull, the better a chance it will have. We also hold adoption events every few weeks — these events are a great way to meet our community and show off your foster!

Most of all, foster families are the foundation upon which our rescue branch depends to save lives. Without the generous families who open their hearts and homes to dogs in need, we wouldn’t be able to change these dogs’ world.

To submit a foster application, click here.


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