Redbox, Piglet, and the Civil War?

Here’s a hint: It hasn’t quite made the top 20 just yet, but it’s an important piece of history — for the United States, for Black History, and for Pit Bull type dogs, alike.

A movie called “Dog Jack” has now come to Redbox! “Dog Jack” is a 2010 film based on the book of the same name by Florence W. Biros.

It’s based on the true story of an escaped slave boy who joins the Union Army during the American Civil War, accompanied by his dog Jack who becomes the mascot of the 102nd Pennsylvania Regiment.

So then, who is Piglet? Well she’s a 3-year-old rescued pit bull and the star of the movie. Piglet had never acted before — oh and she’s deaf.

She was rescued by owner and trainer Tracy Doyle, guessing that she had been abandoned when a breeder realized she was deaf. According to one article Doyle adopted her from a shelter at 8-weeks old while another says Doyle found her in a dumpster at about 12-weeks old. I guess that’s just proof it doesn’t matter where you come from!

“Doyle gets around hearing loss using a no-nonsense training style and hand signals. But a dog with a stable temperament and great resiliency are required. She is chased by bloodhounds, men on horseback and a mob with torches in the movie. They even fire cannons, the vibrations of which even a deaf dog can sense.” – reposted via Stand United (originally Northwest Herald July 11, 2005)

“Not being able to hear has its advantages during filming of noisy, chaotic battle scenes, and Piglet is a sweet-tempered dog who has tolerated with patience and grace the long waits, repeated takes, lengthy sessions of playing dead and handling by strangers.” – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette “Civil War’s Dog Jack saluted after 7 score, 4 years”

Another article appeared in the Post-Gazette when the film premiered in Pittsburgh around October 2009, and had limited theatrical releases — this came over 4 years after the initial announcement that the movie was being filmed. (Just to give you an idea of how long it often can take a movie to be created.) The movie was selected and even won a few film festivals.

Piglet has also become a certified therapy dog and visits patients in local hospitals and nursing homes.

Check out “Dog Jack” on Redbox to rent the movie!

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