Love-A-Bull’s Texas-Sized Mural!

BIG NEWS: Pittie Pride artwork going up in Downtown Austin
and a chance for you to get Your Name personalized on the wall!

Love-A-Bull is lucky enough to have snagged a unique opportunity to work with a super talented, nationally known artist — Sloke, and his partner, Ramon — who create fantastic graffiti artwork! They have offered to paint a custom mural for Love-A-Bull in honor of Texas-Sized Pittie Pride this year, on the side of Frank Restaurant (4th and Colorado, downtown Austin). Sloke’s work is distinctive and recognized: And perhaps you’ve seen Sloke & Ramon’s amazing pittie mural on the side of the Sunrise Mini Mart at 5th and Oltorf:

This is your one and only chance to get your own name painted on the wall with the mural, to celebrate Pit Bull Awareness Day, to support Love-A-Bull, and to represent family-loved pitties everywhere. We only have limited room for 20 names under the artwork, so get yours before they’re gone! With your contribution of $100 or more, you can secure your exclusive spot, to be listed under the mural as a select Pittie Pride Supporter.

We will be celebrating with an artwork unveiling party at Frank (tentatively scheduled for Oct. 17), featuring a DJ, live screen printing, drinks/snacks, and photo booth. Don’t miss this chance to kick off Texas-Sized Pittie Pride with us, and to see your name on the Frank wall next to this awesome piece of artwork celebrating our pit bull pride!

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  • i will post this message on my facebook wall, i wish i had the funds to get my name on the wall, but maybe someone from my Facebook friends will get there name on the wall. thanks for helping the pitbulls.

    laura says:

  • Tried to give $200, but payment processing for guest checkout was broken. Oh well.

    M says:

  • Oh no! We’ll be sure to look at that right away and get in touch with you. – Leah

    leah says:

  • The better half is trying – he has an actual Paypal account so I think it will work better. :)

    M says:

  • …and success! Woohoo!

    M says:

  • Awesome! Thanks for trying it again and for the donation. :)

    leah says:

  • just made my donation!! so excited about this! would it be possible for it to say “Bridget & Lily” instead of my full name? (Lily is my pit)

    Bridget says:

  • Bridget, yes I believe we’ll be contacting our donors to get the details on their preference for the naming on the wall.

    leah says:

  • AWESOME!!! thanks!

    Bridget says:

  • Will this mural be permanent? Would love to have our “Save the Date” photo for our wedding taken in front of this gorgeous art work!

    jeanette hembrough says:

  • Just made a donation, but the total hasn’t updated on the Chip In thing. How do we know if we have a spot reserved?

    Seth Rome says:

  • Oh wait, I think it did update! LOL

    Seth Rome says:

  • Just made a donation, for our name we want

  • We just made our donation. Not sure how the rest works… We’d like the name of our company (dedicated to animal rescue)to be on the mural as:

    Thank you!

  • Jeannette, this mural is part of Frank’s public art program and it rotates every month. We’ll see if we can stretch it beyond October, but it will depend on whether Frank has sponsors for new artwork that needs to go up. To be safe, get your “save the date” photo taken before Oct. 31.

    Meghan says:

  • Thanks to everyone who has donated! We will be getting in touch soon with all of the donors to confirm the name(s) that they would like listed under the mural.

    Meghan says:

  • HOW EXCITING!!! So do I just donate and then you’ll contact us for our names for the wall?? :)

    cheris says:

  • Absolutely correct. We will be in touch with all donors to ask how you want the name written on the wall!

    leah says:

  • DONATION MADE!! Can’t wait to have our names up there!!! Thanks for letting us be a part of such a great cause!! :)

    Cheris says:

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