Love-A-Bull’s Texas-Sized Mural!

BIG NEWS: Pittie Pride artwork going up in Downtown Austin
and a chance for you to get Your Name personalized on the wall!

Love-A-Bull is lucky enough to have snagged a unique opportunity to work with a super talented, nationally known artist — Sloke, and his partner, Ramon — who create fantastic graffiti artwork! They have offered to paint a custom mural for Love-A-Bull in honor of Texas-Sized Pittie Pride this year, on the side of Frank Restaurant (4th and Colorado, downtown Austin). Sloke’s work is distinctive and recognized: http://www.slokeone.com/. And perhaps you’ve seen Sloke & Ramon’s amazing pittie mural on the side of the Sunrise Mini Mart at 5th and Oltorf: http://tinyurl.com/95asg5s.

This is your one and only chance to get your own name painted on the wall with the mural, to celebrate Pit Bull Awareness Day, to support Love-A-Bull, and to represent family-loved pitties everywhere. We only have limited room for 20 names under the artwork, so get yours before they’re gone! With your contribution of $100 or more, you can secure your exclusive spot, to be listed under the mural as a select Pittie Pride Supporter.

We will be celebrating with an artwork unveiling party at Frank (tentatively scheduled for Oct. 17), featuring a DJ, live screen printing, drinks/snacks, and photo booth. Don’t miss this chance to kick off Texas-Sized Pittie Pride with us, and to see your name on the Frank wall next to this awesome piece of artwork celebrating our pit bull pride!

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