Success Stories

Here are some of our successful adoptions. There are many more, and many more that will come. This page is dedicated to Tyson. For you big happy, goofy boy, we will always save pitties. You are our inspiration. We will always love you. We are so sorry your life got cut short. We will always remember the happy moments, and wish with every ounce of our heart that they were longer.

Tyson in the Grass

Tyson enjoying a beatiful day in the sun.

Tyson with his Toy

Tyson playing with a favorite toy at his foster mom's home.


Layla before


Layla (right) with her Fur-Sister

Tyson’s sister, Layla, is so special to all of us at L-A-B. Rescued from a life of chaining in Martindale Texas, Layla had suffered it all. Her bruised and battered body had been hit by a car; her neck is permanently deformed from a chain so, so heavy; her neck bears scars from collars too tight, but nothing brought this girl’s spirit down. A true pittie spirit, everyone who met Layla, loved Layla. Like, Tyson, it is fair to say that Layla got us all to concede that we are a rescue (albeit a small one), and that is just fine with us because saving dogs like Layla make it all worth it. Layla was adopted by a former L-A-B volunteer and lives happily with a fur-brother and fur-sister. Her days are filled with joy and love. We couldn’t be happier for her.

Trey (formerly Pepita)

Trey at Six Weeks

Trey at six weeks

Trey a Bit Later

Trey a bit later

Trey at Four Years of Life on a Chain

Trey at four years of life on a chain

Trey Today

Trey today

Trey was rescued from Martindale, Texas. She had been chained on an abandoned lot from when she was just six weeks old. A neighbor took an interest in her, as well as two other pitties chained with her, whom Love-A-Bull also rescued. After years and years of her life on a chain, this neighbor ultimately bought her when Animal Control refused to enforce any laws to protect her. The neighbor, who was only able to move her to another lot, became hopeless when the lot owner threatened to shoot her and the other pittie (see Smiley). That’s when she contacted Love-A-Bull. We found a home for her with a nice young man in Austin. Trey was his first real dog, and they certainly bonded! Life is looking up for Trey, and we are happy to have been a part of finding her forever home.

Kiko (formerly Harley)

Kiko Before

Kiko Before


Kiko Today

Kiko was part of the Martindale trio and was chained on an empty lot for four years. She was emaciated and shut down when rescued. But, she loved other dogs! She was originally rescued by a woman with 16 dogs and she fit right in! She was the first to be taken off the vacant lot, as she was undergoing heartworm treatment. A family from Oregon expressed interest in her, and we happened to have an L-A-B volunteer moving that way — so off she went. The first family did not work out, and she ended up training with our volunteer. In that time, Kiko earner her Canine Good Citizen. She also got her CD, which is an AKC Obedience Title that requires a dog to heel on and off leash, to stand without moving while a judge comes up and does a physical exam, a 50 foot recall, a one minute sit stay, and a three minute down stay. All four times she exhibited she got first place! From a life on a chain for four years to an AKC titled dog! We love new starts!!! But, most importantly, she was adopted by a new family who just adores her, and not for her titles, but because she represents everything that is wonderful about pitties!


Jasper Before

Jasper Before

Jasper Today

Jasper Today

Jasper was found by a woman who had nine dogs. Some not so nice people had tried to use him as a bait dog, but sweet Jasper didn’t want to fight. Having nine dogs (Jasper liked all nine!), she was filled to the brim, so she posted him on Craig’s List with one day to go before she was going to take him to the shelter. All scarred as was, he certainly would not have lasted long. Fortunately, L-A-B Board Member, Lydia, spotted him, and found him a foster. His scars have all healed, and he has found a forever home. He is pictured here with his furless brother.



Samson and Delilah were found on the East Side as strays. Delilah found a home quickly, and L-A-B assisted with finding a foster for Samson, with a longtime L-A-B foster. Every once in awhile a foster failure has to happen, and we are glad this one did. Samson also joined a fur family, Michi and Bella.

Coco Chanel (now Rosie)

Rosie (left) and Harley

Rosie is special because she is the first dog L-A-B placed as a partner in TLAC’s adult foster program. This program grew out of the Pit Bull Task Force as an initiative to help improve on the number of pit bull dog’s successfully making it out of the shelter. Rosie was a staff favorite, and was set to be killed because she was returned after being adopted in one day. Her crime? She chewed on some shoes after being left alone on her first day at home. Rosie is as sweet as pie, and she loves, loves her brother Harley.


Luna and her mom

Luna was found abandoned as a pup running on an Austin Highway. L-A-B was contacted, and it just so happened a L-A-B board member knew someone looking for a running buddy. Luna and Lisa go running almost everyday, and what a team they are!

Pixie (now Bella)


Bella at Christmas

L-A-B was contacted because little Bella was found abandoned and starved, and well… she needed a home. It was almost Christmas, and it seemed like a crime for Bella not to have a home for Christmas. Fortunately, this one was easy. Who wouldn’t love that cutie pie? She was safe and in a home by the holidays.



Mama and a Very Happy Family

Mama was found dumped on the side of the highway outside of Dripping Springs, Texas with her puppy. The family who rescued her and her pup, immediately took both of them to their vet. Mama was extremely emaciated, had severe hair loss and was heartworm positive. She was missing most of the teeth in her mouth, indicating she had lived a long life on a chain. The puppy was quickly adopted, but the mom was left behind. A friend of the family contacted Love-A-Bull and we were able to assist the family who had agreed to foster the mom, whom they named Mama with heartworm treatment and other medical care. Ultimately, Mama’s fosters decided they couldn’t part with her and they decided to adopt her! She is now happy with her Mom, Dad, Human Sister, Human Brother, as well as two fur sisters siblings, a basset mix, Millie, and a pittie mix, Tess.



Cubby and Snuggles -- Snuggling with their Human

Cubby was found at a gas station when he was about 4 weeks old. He was being offered for sale for $25, but a Love-A-Bull member stepped in, and took him. His family adopted him when he was only 6 weeks old. He has a fur sibling, Snuggles, who is like a Siamese twin to Cubby! Cubby is completely obsessed with his pool, which has been renamed “Pitt-erbahn Water Park.”



Elsa Playing 'House'

When Elsa was 5 months old she was dumped at an apartment complex where she was found by a young man, but he could not keep her. He held on to her for four days until L-A-B Board member Leala meet him at a Jack-in-the Box. Leala found a foster for her, and fortunately, the foster family fell head over heels in love with her, and made the decision to add her to their pack. Here she is with the family’s little girl!

Dahlia (now Olive)

Olive and Finley

Olive and Finley

Dahlia, now renamed Olive, ironically was featured in an Austin Monthly magazine story on how Austin was moving toward becoming a no kill city. Unfortunately, the dark side of that story was that she had been in solitary confinement for over half of her 4 month life, and was suffering from severe kennel frustration. Days away from being killed at TLAC, and with no options, L-A-B stepped in and pulled her. She was adopted just a few days later, and her Mom adores her. She now has a foster brother, Finley, and she lives the good life.


Shiloh with Her Pack

Shiloh with her pack

Shiloh climbed her way into a disabled man’s backyard in a small town outside of Austin. After she snuck into his yard, Shiloh got pregnant, and had a litter of puppies. L-A-B Board member saw an ad for Shiloh on Craigslist where the man was trying to give Shiloh away unspayed (shrieks of horror)! Leala immediately contacted him to assist. When Leala and Lydia arrived, there were two unspayed puppies, Shiloh, and a male unneutered dog living in the house. He explained that he was on disability, and loved the dogs, but could not afford proper care. L-A-B spayed and neutered all the dogs and got all of the dogs up-to-date on shots. Unfortunately, the man became overwhelmed with Shiloh’s fence climbing skills, and decided he could no longer care for her. He was resolved to take her to the shelter. Love-A-Bull stepped in and took Shiloh to a foster. The foster family didn’t last long, as they fell in love with this sweet docile baby, as she was kind to kitties and doggies alike. They do, however, have to perform constant updates to their yard because this smarty pants find new ways to climb out all the time!


Nala kisses for Lisa

Nala camping!

Dustin & Nala

Sweet Nala was found tied to a tree in the Texas heat of 2010. She was taken in, and almost lost her life again due to her love of eating boxer shorts. It was clear that the family that found her wasn’t 100% committed so Love-A-Bull found a foster that would put the time in. They trained her and made her “adoption ready,” and she now has a forever home, kitty included. Her new human parents love to run, and Nala sure doesn’t mind being a running buddy. After a long road, Nala is finally where she deserves to be — very much loved.


Teddy was surrendered by his family to a kill shelter in Houston. We were told he was a pit bull … and well … he isn’t, but we sure don’t regret saving him. And, boy does his family love him! His family contacted us heartbroken after losing their family dog after thirteen years. He gets along great with the family cat, and they have discovered that he has a special talent! The family loves to play the piano, and Teddy likes to sing! He throws his head back and just howls right along! This success story needed a video. We like to think Teddy is helping them heal.



Jackson kisses

Jackson was slated to be killed at TLAC when L-A-B board member Meghan heard about him. She took him in as a foster just in time, but he didn’t stay long. Fortunately, he found a home with 3 doggie siblings, and some human friends too! Just as sweet as can be, Jackson loves romping in water, and playing in his huge yard.


General with Family

General with family

General was found by a proud member of our Armed Forces (hence, the name) while she was perusing Craigslist. His “owner” was frustrated because he kept getting attacked by other dogs while he was chained up in the yard. She gave “somebody” a day to come get him, as he was swollen and infected. He doesn’t have a lot of teeth, but he has a lot of heart. His body was riddled with scars, but his spirit was not broken. This sweet elderbull loves other dogs — in fact he lives with two now. His rescuer could not keep him, thanks to the military’s discriminatory policies, but we are thankful she contacted us because we found a Love-A-Bull foster family who ultimately fell in love with this sweet boy and made him part of their home.

Stacy (now Bellamy)

Easter with Bell and Kids

Bellamy Surrounded with Kids at Easter

Bellamy was rescued from a life of chaining in Bee Caves, Texas. The neighbors became concerned when another dog on the property (also chained, see Sam Wheat) was covered in blood. When we arrived, the “owner,” told us Bellamy had been chained for close to a decade! For almost 10 years, she spent every cold moment and every 100 plus degree day outside. She was heartworm positive and covered in fleas, but MAN, the minute we unchained her, the smile never left her face, and the tail never stopped wagging. JOY, JOY, JOY!! This elderbull was brimming with love, and has found a mom that loves her equally back. We are so happy for her, as she deserves to live out her elder years on a couch, with mounds of affection, and that is just what she got! Read the blog post about her photo here.

Sam Wheat (formerly Cain)

Year and a half of damage to his ears


Much healthier & happier Sam

Sam Wheat joined Bellamy as a pup and was chained by her side for a year and half. He didn’t have to endure the decade she did, but his life was no happier. He was the victim of “fly strikes,” and a neighbor became concerned when nearly half of his ears had been eaten away. He had given himself a hematoma trying to shake the flies away, as they were ravaging him. Bloodied and a mess, the neighbor finally had enough and called for help. Love-A-Bull came. In a strange way, those flies did him a favor, as the ten years Bellamy was chained apparently was of no concern. In any event, we got those two babies out of there as fast as we could, and on to better things. Sam now lives in a house with two Pomeranian brothers, and is surrounded by love — he is frequently visited by grandchildren, and the house is lively, and boy is he spoiled (we hear there is steak and lobster involved)!


Dozer with Family

Dozer with Family

What is in a name? In this case, it was a journey to home. Dozer had an extremely long stay dog at TLAC, but the volunteers didn’t stop pulling for him. He had a gentle heart, but was getting extremely frustrated after months and months at the shelter. Finally, relief came when a Love-A-Bull volunteer stepped up to foster him. He had two name changes at the shelter (“Daddy” after Cesar Milan’s pit bull, and then they tried softening it to “Danny.”) His foster thought the traditional “Buddy” might get him a home. Kind and gentle, he was able to live with a cat, and a dog that wanted nothing to do with him. A few months later, he caught his fur-ever home’s eye. He is now happy to be living with a dog that DOES want to play with him and his permanent Mom and Dad.

Sadie (formerly Goldilocks)



Sadie is a short and sweet success story, mainly because she got adopted so fast! She was a TLAC pull — we were requested to pull her after the volunteers noticed that she was suffering from extreme kennel frustration. She had been gnawing on her bed until she made her mouth bloody. She got along with cats and dogs, and was just the sweetest thing. How could we say no? As soon as she got out of TLAC, she promptly put on 10 pounds in two weeks! She lasted in our adoption program for only a few weeks … her sweet disposition won over her dad, and off she went. She is happy to be her dad’s running buddy or just to snooze on a couch, where she belongs.




Love-A-Bull was contacted about a blind pittie living in the backyard of an abandoned house that was going to be sold at an auction at the end of the month. His “family” had moved out and left him behind (taking their other dogs with them). He was living alone and in the dark for four months – being fed by neighbors. Charlie’s recovery started once he was adopted by his wonderful mom; he underwent multiple surgeries and now has a prosthetic eye. Today, nothing keeps him down, and he is one happy little dude!



William and his adopters

William before

Sad, scared William was at the Wilco shelter. We can’t figure out why this boy was overlooked for so many months. He is sweet as pie. He loves other dogs, and is submissive to his new mom’s cat. He was supposed to be a foster, but that lasted less than a week, as his family knew they had struck gold with William!




Marley was a found as a puppy in a backyard in Madisonville, Texas. Her owners had bred her mom, and were keeping all of the dogs outside 24/7. Poor Marley was shivering and covered in fleas. Fortunately, a L-A-B volunteer stepped up and agreed to foster her. Around the same time, Lydia had a friend on the east coast looking for a pittie, and her in-laws were in town. So, off Marley went on a Jet Blue flight, and the rest is history! Marley now lives with another fur-brother and a family of four. She is one happy camper (INSIDE!) where she belongs!


Junior and Family

Junior and Family

Junior was a long stay dog at TLAC. A staff favorite, there was a strong effort to get him into foster care by Christmas. Fortunately, a family agreed to foster him by Christmas. A friend to all doggies and kitties, L-A-B could not understand why he was not being snapped up right away. Apparently, it was because fate wanted to wait for the right family. Eventually, they came in a fur-brother and a kittie, and great parents in the Spring. It was worth the wait, and Junior could not be happier!

Maya (formerly Mint Julep)


Maya with Josh and Justin

Mint Julep was never just a drink to us – no, she was so much more! At risk for death at TLAC, and a staff favorite, Love-A-Bull pulled her at the last minute with literally nowhere to go. Leala and Lydia drove around in the car with her for about 6 hours calling foster home after foster home with a “true emergency,” until one of our good citizen fosters took her for the night. We’d figure it out later, right? We have no regrets, and we are sure her new parents are happy we did what we did! Maya has found her forever home, and she now knows love, instead of cages. We sure have no regrets and we know her family LOVES, LOVES, LOVES Maya!

Kinsey and Bree (f/k/a Doc)

Kinsey and Bree

L-A-B received a call from a concerned neighbor that Kinsey had been locked in a yard for over four years. He was particularly concerned with the harsh Winter, and that her “owners” had been moving her back further in the yard so they didn’t have to hear her pitiful cries. L-A-B went out and spoke to the brother of the boy who had “owned” Kinsey, and he agreed right away that this was no way for a dog to live. He surrendered Kinsey. Phew! Kinsey found a great foster with a fur-sister she just adored and now she has found a family that L-O-V-E-S her (inside, where she belongs). BUT, they didn’t stop there! They wanted another dog! They tried a few with no success. Around that time, L-A-B received a return, ‘Doc’ of the Seven Dwarfs. This submissive and playful gal seemed like the perfect fit for uber playful Kinsey. So, the suggestion was made, and the rest is history for these sisters. You can read all about in the blog they wrote telling their story. We love this family!

Hop-A-Long Cassidy

Cassidy before

Hop-A-Long Cassidy

Hop-A-Long Cassidy

Cassidy had a hard, hard life. She was used and abused by a backyard breeder. She had never seen the inside of a house, and she had somehow “lost a leg.” This tripod girl never lost her sense of humor, not even when she was on death row in a shelter in Decatur, Texas. Love-A-Bull friend and supporter, Deb from KROX called and asked if we could pull her, and well, how could we turn Deb down? We are glad we didn’t because this girl really deserved some air conditioning and a couch after all she had been through! She wormed her way into her adopter’s heart and now they spend lazy days on the porch, and nights hanging out inside. We are so happy for Cassidy. We can’t bring back all of her days, but we know the rest of her life will be filled with joy.



Mina with Her Family

Mina’s story is a sad one, but not your typical sad pit bull story. Mina had an owner that loved her, but he was admitted to a psychiatric hospital, and Mina ended up in a high kill shelter in Dallas. With days left to live, a L-A-B volunteer pulled her. Mina now lives in a house filled with love and laughter again. There are children, dogs, and a swimming pool! She is getting used to the pool part, thanks to her life preserver! We just love happy endings!




Dash was found tied to a tree in Austin. Her leg had an old injury (possibly was broken at some point), and she was just a few months old. A kind woman took her in, but she didn’t have much in the way of financial means, and Dash, another pittie, and the woman were living in a trailer. It was clear she could not stay. L-A-B stepped in and moved her to a new foster home. That woman fell in love, and the rest is well … history — another foster failure! Dash is a happy girl, and we are happy for her.




Gidget was evaluated by our trainer, Jess, at TLAC and did very well. She was a happy, beautiful girl. Unfortunately, there was no available foster home. A week or so later, we got the “dreaded call.” They were killing at TLAC, and Gidget was on the list. I had to inform Jess, as I knew she was personally invested. Jess called me back in tears — she couldn’t let it happen. She was going to personally foster! Phew! Gidget now has a new Dad and a running partner (what could be better!). He is a proud member of the Armed Forces, and we think they make a great pair.


Pebbles with Her Family

Pebbles and Her Kids

Pebbles story begins with the harsh reality that many pit bull type dogs have to face everyday, she was an owner surrender placed in the hands of a high kill shelter in Dallas, Texas. At no fault of her own, she was immediately put on the kill list due to lack of space. Fortunately, this girl was saved just in time by Love-A-Bull and is now a wonderful ambassador for her breed. Just days after she made the trip to Austin, the veterinarian that examined Pebbles fell in love immediately and knew she would be a perfect fit for her family. Pebbles now has a hard time deciding just which bed she is going to sleep in at night, switching from room to room—sleeping with all four kids!

Grady (formerly King)

A very happy Grady and smiling family!

Grady didn’t spend quite as long on a chain as Fender, but he still suffered four long years. Grady and Fender immediately went into a training program after being rescued. After a few days in the program, Grady caught the eye of one of his trainers! His sweet disposition won her over and he was adopted! He now lives with his new Mom and three canine pals. Things are definitely looking up for Grady these days!



Kyra and her kind-hearted mom

Kyra experienced first-hand some of the worst behavior humans are capable of… Before her last few weeks at the shelter, Kyra was being held by an animal abuser posing as a foster. When authorities were able to enter the house, they found horrific evidence of abuse and neglect and learned that Kyra had been locked in a small closet for up to three months with no access to food or water other than what her abuser allowed. Rare are the cases when a shelter is better than a home. Unfortunately, this was Kyra’s situation. Kyra was adopted, and then returned by someone who didn’t realize what a shining light Kyra was… but fortunately her roommate did! So, Kyra never made it back to Love-A-Bull! Instead, she was transferred to her Mom who will love her the way she deserves for the rest of her life!



Asha (left) with new parents and sister Olive (right)

Asha was originally used as a bait dog. She came into TLAC, shy and terrified. She was so shut down that people just scared her to death. She took a long time to warm to people, originally only finding comfort in dogs. She still shakes a bit when she meets people, but she has come a long way. After a lot of false promises and hope, she finally has a permanent family to love her and introduce her to life. We are so happy for this sweet, sweet girl.

Karma (formerly Annie)

The pink dog's first night at foster.

During her recovery and doing well - who knew she had white fur!


Karma now, with Jess and crazy brother Stinger

Karma was dropped at the shelter with a horrendous case of mange. Having been used and abused for her pups, her “owners” had no use for her anymore. Even after L-A-B offered her “family” medical assistance they didn’t have any desire to keep her. She made her way to the kill list, but this sweet, sweet girl needed a happier end to that story. So, she went into the L-A-B foster program and was eventually adopted by L-A-B’s very own trainer, Jess Wilson. Jess intends to use her as a demo dog and eventually a Pit Crew therapy dog. Now, that is a much better life than a backyard breeder dog, don’t you think?

Angelo and Spike (formerly Patrick)

Spike Before

Spike Before

Angelo and Spike

Angelo and Spike

Angel (a/k/a Angelo) followed L-A-B volunteer Jessica’s parents home in Dallas (boy, that dog knew who to follow!). So, Angel got to visit the Music City while Jessica got to searching for a foster! Angel’s foster Mom and Dad gave him lots of love, and his foster brother taught him some of the finer points of canine etiquette. In no time at all, he found his fur-ever home. Angel’s mom just adores him… so much so that she got in the market for a new pittie companion from Love-A-Bull! Spike (f/k/a Patrick) came to the Wilco shelter underweight by about 30 pounds. A staff favorite, they were quick to nominate him for the L-A-B foster program. At his first foster home, he lasted one day. They felt he was stubborn and difficult. What they didn’t realize just yet was Spike just didn’t understand… he was deaf! So, on to another foster. We knew it would take a special someone for Spike, and that is what he found. Spike is now surrounded by love, and that special someone who is connected to his needs, as his Mom has that special quality — PATIENCE. We are so happy that this family found each other!




Fletch came to us after suffering from severe confinement anxiety at TLAC. After numerous failed fosters (and a failed adoption) and a few successful fosters, we finally learned that Fletch had OCD, likely resulting from severe abuse at an early age. At one point, we wondered if any family would step up for Fletch. Would anyone have the patience? Thankfully, doggie miracles happen, and a family came. They came from Ft. Worth, and drove all the way to Austin, just to love Fletch. The angels smiled down on Fletch, and we couldn’t be more happy for him. Fletch’s healing will take time, and his new family understands that, and that is the kind of news that makes us smile.




Pumpkin wandered up all alone to her soon-to-be foster’s door. Apropos of her color, it was right around Halloween. She was very skinny, and had some broken teeth, indicating she may have spent some time on a chain. She was very sweet, and was desperate for some love. Her foster was living in a tiny home of less than 600 square feet, and already had three dogs, but did what she could to help her. Eventually, sweet Pumpkin found all the love she needed in a permanent place with a lovely yard, and a Boston Terrier pal. Pumpkin’s life is much better now, and her past is behind her!


Gorgeous Ginger

Ginger was rescued from death row at an East Texas High-Kill Shelter in September of 2009. Ginger was an owner surrender at about age 6. Ginger was adopted in December of 2009, but was then returned in September pf 2010 because her family was having another human child and they felt Ginger just didn’t fit in anymore (ugh!). Madam Ginger was a long stay in our adopt-a-bull program, but lucky for Ginger her foster parents fell head over hills in love with her and decided to bring Ginger into to their family just as she was headed into her elderbull days.

Russell (formerly Rusty)

Russell Before


Russell Now!

Russell (f/k/a Rusty) is almost famous. Pictures of him and his emaciated sister Maxine, went viral after a Facebook post of their lifeless, chained bodies were sent all over the country. Pleas of help were sent everywhere, and of course, to Love-A-Bull. We couldn’t say no, and, in a perfect finale, we freed them from their bonds on Independence Day. Two sweeter dogs couldn’t have been suffering a worse fate, but now Russell lives the good life filled with LOVE!


Maxine took a bit longer to get some attention; with her endless bounds of energy she turned off a lot of adopters. However, one person noticed her right away – our trainer Jess Wilson. Maxi’s high drive and energy, which was once a negative, grabbed the attention of Jess. She took Maxine to the Canine Academy to have her evaluated for police work. Maxine passed with flying colors and was one of 400 hundred dogs accepted into the program. She is now fully trained in narcotics detection. Today, she will be going to work in Ft. Stockton ISD with an awesome handler. She’ll be used for both the school district and with DPS in the area. A dog who once needed a hero has become a hero herself!

Maxine in training at the Canine Academy in Leander, Texas




Murphy was found abandoned in Martingdale, Texas. Nobody knows his story for sure, other than he bore all the traditional signs of the irresponsible owner — unneutered and heartworm positive. He also was a bit scared of hand movements toward his face. Everyone who met him described him as nothing short of a “charmer,” and he certainly charmed his adoptive parents, who just fell in love right away. He will never have to worry about his past now, as he has the good life in his future. His new family just adores him — and we see good things in Murphy’s life from now on.

Lady Bird

Lady Bird playing Twister

Lady Bird came to Love-A-Bull after a string of unfortunate events. Lady Bird was originally rescued by a young man in 2008. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2009. Lady Bird was taken in by his mother, but in April of 2010, she was diagnosed with stage 4 renal cell carcinoma (kidney cancer) that spread to her lungs and her brain. She loved Lady Bird VERY MUCH but was losing her home because of her illness, and was very worried about what would happen to her sweet pittie in a scary world. After looking for months for someone to help place Lady Bird, Love-A-Bull was able to find a foster. From the moment that her foster family took her in, they all loved her, including their two pups. It didn’t take long before Lady Bird became a permanent member of the family. Her former family was extremely grateful to know that Lady Bird was adopted by such a wonderful family.

Farley (formerly T-Bird)

Farley on the Farm

T-Bird, now Farley, was rescued during an eight-state dog-fighting raid in 2009 that turned out to be the largest in U.S. History. After his rescue from the dog-fighting operation, this sweet boy spent the following two years in a kennel as “evidence.” He then spent about five months at the Austin Humane Society where Love-A-Bull eventually became aware of him and pulled him. A family with decades of bully experience came along and gave Farley a loving home. Now he spends his days on a lovely farm where he romps with his sister Staffie mix, as well as cats, chickens and horses! Farley got the best of second chances, and a wonderful home! You can read more in the blog post and video of Farley’s adoption.


Peanut finally at home <3

Peanut, formerly named just about everything you can think of, was rescued along with Farley during an eight-state dog-fighting raid in 2009 that turned out to be the largest in U.S. History. She also spent two years in a kennel as “evidence.” She then spent the next seven or so months at the Austin Humane Society. At first, Love-A-Bull was hesitant to pull Peanut, as she was “labeled” as not doing well with other dogs. However, the volunteers just adored her SO much, that we decided she deserved a chance. As it turns out Peanut is just great with other dogs, and cats, and well, EVERYTHING. Unfortunately for her, most people couldn’t see past her shorn ears, and she waited much, much longer for her home to come along. It was as if she was still being victimized. The most gentle dog we had up for adoption was continually passed over. But, finally her day came. Her Momand Dad came. Her foster Mom shed tears…because like everyone who crossed Peanut’s path — she loved her. We knew her adopted Mom and Dad had an absolute JEWEL because they saw what was inside. This family will make an amazing bunch, and Peanut’s life will be filled with joy for the rest of her days.

DeNiro (formerly Romeo)


DeNiro (f/k/a Romeo) came to us as an abuse case. He was being kept in a backyard and was mistreated by his “owners.” He was repeatedly running around lost and unfixed in his neighborhood, and was eventually injured — possibly by a car. Eventually, he made his way to Love-A-Bull. Coincidentally, his foster mom made her way to us around the same time with a broken heart, having lost her pit bull to the Rainbow Bridge. This pup and foster Mom pair had the same personality, one human, one canine. Their hearts were meant for one another. The two paired up, and the rest was well … history.

Daisy (formerly Harley)


Daisy (f/k/a Harley) had an interesting story. We received a call from TLAC’s rescue coordinator that a dog was brought in by APD. Apparently, she was owned by a homeless person, and he was caught trying to drown her in Town Lake. They did not want to put her up for adoption for fear that he would find a way to get her (as he had pulled her out of TLAC before). Daisy’s only way out of TLAC was through a rescue. She was evaluated and passed with flying colors. Daisy went on to foster with two Chihuahuas and loved every person and dog she met. She was just a happy dog! It wasn’t long before she found her family, and now she has a permanent home (and an inside place to live!). They just adore Daisy, and we know this is a match made in heaven.



Beau was lost, but not now he is found. He was wandering around in the hottest, driest summer on record. He had a leg injury, and was certainly dehydrated. A L-A-B volunteer heard about him when a blast e-mail warned that there was a “dangerous-looking” pit bull wandering about the building. With a little encouragement from veteran L-A-B staff, he was rescued in no time and the “dangerous” dog was evaluated as A + material for therapy dog work, proving once again never to judge a book by its cover. He is now living with a wonderful Mom who just adores him, and Beau now never has to worry about being homeless again.


Holly Before

Holly Now

Holly knows a hard life. Holly started off her life chained in East Austin. Somehow, she got off her chain and was hit by a car and the chain got stuck in the wheel of a truck. The driver of the truck dragged her down the street, and then got out of the car, removed the chain, and left her on the street. She was then taken to TLAC with her eye hanging out. The owners picked her up (left her antibiotics behind) and a very concerned TLAC volunteer called us. L-A-B went to speak to the family and found five pit bulls in the yard — they let us rescue 4. Holly was the only female, and the mother of three young boys (see Champ, Zeke, and Hank). Although she only has one eye, and was suffering from heartworm, and riddled with all sorts of parasites, she had the sweetest disposition. She won over her fosters, and they couldn’t part with her. Fortunately, the rest of Holly’s life will be a happy one.




Champ was one of three pups (see Zeke and Hank) living in the backyard with five pitties, all in terrible health. They were full of mange and hookworms, and the adults had heartworm, and all were terribly neglected. L-A-B found out about the dogs through a caring TLAC volunteer. All were courtesy posted, and little by little they made their way into foster homes. A family from Houston fell in love with Champ at first sight. He now has a spoiled life and a kitty for company, as well as children to surround him with love. The little pup with a rough start will never know what it is to be neglected again.

Zeke (formerly Tux)



Zeke had a rough start. Born in a backyard with 6 other dogs — covered in mange and riddled with worms, and stuck enduring the hottest, driest summer on record, he still managed to be VERY happy (and pretty darn calm)! L-A-B managed to rescue Zeke, Champ, and Hank — three brothers from East Austin. As you can see, Zeke is now well LOVED, and like his brother Champ, also has a kitty family member! We are extremely happy that Zeke will not grow up in that environment, and will have the chance to have a happy, fulfilled life!



Yes, Hank also doubles as a pillow.

Hank, Zeke and Champ’s brother, was the last of the trio of boys to be adopted, but certainly not the least! Hank was also found riddled with mange and worms, and living a life of neglect. When we rescued the three, we couldn’t help but notice his calm and beautiful spirit. He was such a gentle boy, and that definitely was noticed by his new mom. She was immediately enamored and now, like his two brothers, he will grow up, happy, adored, and LOVED (like all pitties should)!

Hank has sure come a long way from a hot, dirty backyard and no one to care for him. We often receive updates from his mom, like the video below…how adorable is this!

Miss America “Missy”

Missy and Family

Miss America (“Missy”) was returned to the shelter numerous times, as she was partially deaf, and her various adopters did not have patience for her. One family, who did love her, lost her due to foreclosure. After being bounced around and around, she developed separation anxiety. Finally, she landed in long-time L-A-B fosters, who finally decided maybe this foster needed to be permanent. Normally, we are sad to lose a foster, but this ‘ol girl needed some permanency, and we couldn’t have been happier for her. There is no need for her to fret time alone, as she is surrounded by three kids and three dogs! This house is always humming!


Charlie & his new buddy

Charlie was found by the Texas Hearing and Service Dogs running along the highway. It was believed that he was “shot gunned” from a distance. He was thin and in bad shape, and very shy. He sprung to life and felt better in no time, as he stayed and received some training. Eventually, Southpaws Playschool was kind enough to take him in as a rescue. Ultimately, Love-A-Bull took him into its program, and he was adopted by his very own family. Charlie loves curling up with his new buddy while he plays with his “Spiderman” toys. It is clear he has finally found his forever “home.”

Willie Nelson

Willie and Family

Willie Nelson was singing the blues at TLAC. A long stay dog, he was terribly frustrated. Fortunately, he had volunteers rooting for him, and he made his way out as a L-A-B foster. Kind to little dogs, and kitties alike, he was eventually spotted by his new parents. He is no longer singing the blues, and he is much adored by his new Mom, Dad, and fur-brother. We couldn’t be happier for this smiling boy!


Winston and the pack

Winston was found on the streets of Austin. He had sustained an unknown injury to his leg. Even with all this pain, he still greeted folks with a happy tail and sweet kisses! Winston was put into the L-A-B adoption program and quickly found his way into the heart of his foster Dad. After only a couple weeks this sweet little guys personality started to blossom and his foster Dad realized he was a perfect fit for his pack! Today Winston is comfy and snuggled in as a permanent member of the family. He spends his free time chewing on his Kong, and taking long walks with his forever family!


Turkey loves his new mom!

Turkey was facing death at the Irving shelter. From the moment he was saved, his sweet temperament and silly personality came to life. Turkey never met a person, dog, or cat that he didn’t like! Turkey caught the eye of his Mom when she was searching for a new addition to her family. Right away, a connection was made…Turkey and his Mom are learning more and more about each other everyday, and are building a strong bond that we know will last a lifetime.

Betty White

Betty, Chester, Chica and Mom

Betty White was found as a stray in East Austin and brought into the shelter by an APD officer. She was dirty and flea and tick-covered, and had her ears chopped terribly. As the volunteers at TLAC bathed her, they immediately fell in love with the Elderbull. She was
fostered by one of L-A-B’s volunteers who had a huge heart for elderbulls, and who had previously adopted Chester, another elder statesman. Well, you know where this is going… Before long, Betty White became one of the family too. How could she leave?

The Seven Dwarfs

These adorable puppies came to us when another “rescue” contacted us threatening to return all 7 of them and their sweet Momma (Truffle) to a high kill shelter in San Antonio because their “foster” was selling the pups at four weeks old on Craigslist, and they didn’t have anywhere for them to go. We found a great foster, and all of these sweet puppies were home by Christmas. Who doesn’t love fairy tale endings! (More pictures coming soon.)



Dopey & Happy


Bashful now "Broc" (bottom left)


Ivy with her happy parents

Ivy was pulled from the Bastrop shelter just before her she was scheduled to be killed. She was brought to our attention, along with Lily, by a volunteer who really wanted to save “two special girls.” We took a road trip and agreed Ivy was special (and there was more to the story, as two became three… see Jasmine). Ivy had a spate of bad luck, even with some wonderful potential adopters. Her ultimate fur-ever adopters also had a spate of bad luck in trying to find the “perfect” dog, so we think it may have been ‘kismet’ that they found each other. We know that this family will grow together and learn to love together.


Lily & her best pal

Lily was found abandoned in Bastrop, tied to a tree outside the Renaissance Festival. Did her former “owners” forget about her? Did they hope someone would find her? Nobody will ever know. Instead, she ended up on just a pup on death row at the shelter. Fortunately, she was one of the lucky ones, and she made it out thanks to the lobbying of a special volunteer. She now spends her days romping with a canine pal, and has a ton of love in her life.


Jasmine and her boy

Jasmine got really lucky. On a rescue mission at the Bastrop shelter for two other pitties, L-A-B Board Members were asked (meekly) about Jasmine. The shelter staff knew that L-A-B was already rescuing two dogs, and didn’t really have room for anymore, but they really, really wanted to help Jasmine and they knew she didn’t have a chance. Frustrated, they left and started making calls. There was a woman in Arlington who had said she MIGHT be interested in fostering — Jasmine wasn’t really what she was looking for… could she convince her? She was so sweet! They couldn’t stand the thought of her dying. Well, you know this is going to have a happy ending. So, Jasmine made the long trip, and the whole family fell in love, including her seven-year old grandson, who just couldn’t part with her! Sometimes, it’s just meant to be!

Abilene “Abby”

"Scabby Abby"

Much happier little pup!

We first heard about Abilene “Abby” at the Austin Pet Expo. She was living in the backyard, as her expecting owner had left her behind while she was pregnant. We were doing outreach and started speaking to a young man who mentioned a dog that was born “hairless.” We immediately gave him our number and told him to call us. He finally did a few weeks later, and we asked him to meet us at the vet that day. He had never heard of Demodex mange. Abby was one giant scab. She was also scared of just about everything. Abby blossomed in foster care, and was adopted shortly thereafter. Things have looked up for sweet Abby, named after the pink-shaped state of Texas on her nose! Thank goodness we ran into that man at the Pet Expo, or her life would have been very different.

Buck Rodgers

Mr. Buck Rodgers

Buck came from a high kill city animal shelter where he was due to be killed the day he was pulled. He was extremely emaciated and sick. He had only been in foster care with us for about a month — with that face we knew he wouldn’t be around long! His adopter said it was love at first sight! She’s an avid bike rider (BMX) and hopes to be able to take him riding with her on the trails. It didn’t take long for Buck’s life to start looking up, and we know his tail won’t stop wagging in the future!

Libby (formerly Penny)

Libby (f/k/a Penny) came from the Everman shelter where animal control officers were called by a woman who said she witnessed kids burning a dog. She has scars on her back from it, but in an ironic twist, she also had painted toe nails. She went into a foster home with one of our long-time volunteers. The dogs got along great and before you know it, our volunteer decided that was where she belonged. Libby is a super lucky girl who found a great home. Libby’s dad even takes her to his grandma’s ranch on holidays and some weekends, where she gets to meet lots of other pups and explore the wilderness!

Burns (not white fur) on her back

Two playful, perky pooches in a pod: Penny (left) & Libby (right)


Oreo Before

Oreo now (right) with her pit bull sister (left)

When Love-A-Bull got a call that there was a pit bull starving in a yard– that had been left there for nine days, since the family moved out, we were pretty surprised when we found Oreo. After all, even completely hairless from a severe flea infection, Oreo was NOT a pit bull. Nevertheless, there was no way we could leave her there. So, Oreo became our first “honorary” pit bull. There would be others– so many people have no idea exactly what a “pit bull type dog” is, or even close to it. But, we are happy she no longer looks like a Chupacabra, and her days are much happier, living with her pit bull sister and a bunch of feline friends.

JJ (formerly Dusty)

JJ with his new dad

JJ (f/k/a Dusty) was rescued by the same young man who helped us rescue Kinsey. Some of his “acquantainces” felt that they should use JJ for less than ideal purposes. He remembered our organization, and took JJ and contacted us right away. Unfortunately, he had no place to keep him, and his mother was requiring him to keep JJ outside. We worked with him to get JJ fixed and proper medical care, and eventually into our adoption program. JJ was awaiting a foster home, but was just so handsome that he skipped that step and went right to adoption! His new Dad met a bunch of dogs, but knew he met “the one” as soon as he met JJ. It was a match made in doggie heaven.


Joplin and family

Joplin was rescued from a dogfighting bust in South Carolina. She came to us, shy and shut down, but sweeter than an entire candy store. It was no surprise when she was the first in the group to be adopted! She will spend the rest of her days with her new fur-sister and brother, and a feline pal to boot! Her new family adores her (no surprise there!), and we know the rest of her life with be filled with love and much-deserved happiness!

Pablo (formerly Pippen)

Pablo and family!

Pablo (f/k/a Pippen) was rescued in a Florida fight bust. You can read about the details here, but suffice it to say, he has moved on to MUCH better things! A mere 25 pounds, he came wriggling into Austin with the help of Dolly’s Foundation, along with Petite Petunia and sweet Momma Callie. It wasn’t too long before he became the first of the three to be adopted, and his new life allowed him to leave those old, dusty memories goodbye forever! His days with his fur-sister, Rosarita, and his new Mom and Dad are filled with happiness, love and hope.

Sarah AND Lucy (f/k/a Petunia)

Sarah's first family photo

And then there were more - now with Sarah AND Lucy!

Sarah was found dodging cars at the side of a busy road. When one car pulled over and stopped, Sarah wasn’t sure whether she would see a friendly face behind the wheel or not. When the door opened, she immediately recognized the kind eyes of a dog lover. She jumped into the car and her new life began. Sarah had recently become a mom when she was found, but her puppies were gone. Could she have been a backyard breeder dog? Her new foster mom tried to find her old family, but they never came. Sarah had heartworm disease, but otherwise progressed nicely. She was originally a L-A-B courtesy post, but with her sweet loving nature, she eventually became “adopted” by L-A-B! Eventually, she became adopted by her lifetime fur-ever home. This sweetie sure deserved it! Her new family can’t say enough good things about her, and they sure adore her! But, they didn’t stop there. Her family spotted Lucy (f/k/a Petunia), at a L-A-B adoption event. They fell in love! Lucy was rescued along with Pablo and Callie in the same Florida fight bust. You can read about the details here, but like Pablo, life has much improved for this little girl. Lucy also came in weighing a petite 25 pounds with the help of Dolly’s Foundation, along with pint-sized Pippen (now Pablo) and sweet Momma Callie. Lucy’s days are now filled with love, surrounded with two fur-sisters, two human sisters, a bunch of kitties, and her new Mom and Dad!

Snickerdoodle (f/k/a Red)

Snickerdoodle (Red) before

Chick + Snickerdoodle = 'Chickerdoodle'

Snickerdoodle had a whole herd of people pulling for him on Facebook. He was beloved by many in the real world, and the cyber-world. As the clock ticked down on 2011, so did his chances. With Love-A-Bull already committed to four dogs going into New Year’s Eve, and with many fosters going out of town, it seemed impossible that we could save him. One look in his soulful eyes, and somehow, we caved. This sweet boy ended up with a spot in a crate at the vet’s office next to four other dogs waiting for a foster home. Happy New Year!

The Doodlebug ended up remaining famous, the subject of his Momma’s larger than life blog. And his Momma, a serial foster, fell in love. Yep, his Momma who had fostered so many times before became a foster failure. There were some rough patches — like when he almost didn’t make it due to his severe heartworms — but he is living the good life today, and you can still follow his adventures on

The Doodlebug kind of fun in a kayak with the parents!

Maximus “Max”

Max and his new family

Maximus was another two-for. Love-A-Bull went to the Pflugerville shelter to evaluate Cypress, and our trainer just couldn’t help but mention his best friend, “Maximus.” So, off he went into boarding. Sometimes you just can’t say no! Max’s family pulled him out of boarding to foster him on a Wednesday evening. They were already so in love by Thursday, they asked if they could adopt him! Max gets along great with their dog and doesn’t mind their two felines either! They apparently don’t mind him Max’s presence; they were rubbing up against him almost right away. We love it when it all works out, and so quickly! This is one happy family!


Fionna and the new pack!

Fionna is the success story that almost didn’t happen. She was found wandering the streets — a known escape artist. When her foster went out of town and left her with friends, they violated Love-A-Bull’s #1 rule on responsible guardianship. Dog’s are part of the pack — they live INSIDE. Fionna then became as famous as her namesake, Fionna Apple. You can read all about it here. Needless to say, we thought we lost her, as she went missing for nearly a week, but thank the heavens for guardian angels. She was meant to be with her new Dad, and in her new life. Now, she has a great home, and she is finally safe forever.

Pooh and the Gang

Rabbit now Thumper

Tigger now Zissou

Love-A-Bull was contacted about a very kind young woman who was caring for five pittie puppies, which were born to a starving Mom found living at an abandoned house in Jonestown. The woman and her husband lost their home and had to move in with her sister. She had been caring for the mother and pups at the abandoned house but moved the pups to her sister’s home when the mother went missing. With limited funds, she could no longer afford to feed the five pups. She was desperately trying to save the pups, and a kind friend reached out to Love-A-Bull. At this point, she found the Mom, who also desperately needed care. Love-A-Bull took in all five pups, and got the Mom (who she wanted to keep), all the medical care she needed. Those pups were names Pooh Bear, Eeyore, Tigger, Rabbit and Piglet, and found wonderful homes in no time!


Pooh Bear


New found love of a family!

When Love-A-Bull’s trainer first evaluated Cypress, he was shy and shut down — absolutely terrified of people, but he came alive around dogs, especially his best friend, “Maximus.” He was sweet though, and didn’t have a mean bone in his body. When we met his prospective adoptive family with their SUPER happy pittie and their 3 cats and their genuine love for animals, we knew we found a place where he could thrive but we were blown away by the absolute instant connection Cypress made with them. Was this the dog that shook everytime he met new people? Was this the dog that cowered in fear in new surroundings? It couldn’t be! He took to his new family, like he had always been there, following around his new Dad, like he had been born by his side. Check out the video of Cypress with his Dad the first time they met. These are the days that make rescue worth it.

Chula (formerly Mustang Sally) and Coltrane

Chula's new family!

Mustang Sally (now Chula) was one of 27 pit bulls rescued in Cleveland, Ohio in December 2011. It took some help from Pilots N Paws, but eventually, she and another second-chance pooch, “Coltrane,” made their way down to Austin from the Cleveland City Kennel. You can read about Chula and Coltrane’s journey here.

Coltrane's new family!

Chula was adopted within days of getting off the plane. Her family went to take her for a walk and never returned her! They just fell in love! They could not believe her history, as she was so kind and gentle. Now, she goes to work with her Mom and takes frequent hikes at Turkey Creek.

Coltrane was adopted shortly thereafter. He, too, is an absolute sweetheart who loves to sleep under the covers with his new Dad. He also loves to accompany his Pop to work and to charm everyone he meets! We are so happy for these two, and for their fresh new start in Texas!

Nutty Brown

Nutty before

Nutty Brown was a severe abuse case turned into an amazing inspiration. He was saved around Christmas in 2011 by Officer Nutt (which is how he got his name). His “owners” were charged with cruelty and neglect on more than one occasion, and Chief Nutt finally negotiated for his safety after they admitted to not feeding him for over two weeks. After the legal three-day hold, something special about Nutty had Officer Nutt wanting to save him — that may not seem like much of a Christmas miracle, but it was — you see, before Nutty, Chief Nutt didn’t like pit bulls very much. But Nutty made him see that every dog is an individual, and he grew pretty darn fond of old Nutty. He just couldn’t let him die. Before you knew it, his story went viral, and made its way to Love-A-Bull. Well, we thought, if Chief Nutt had opened his heart, we needed to do the same. So, we made our way to Log Cabin, Texas to save Nutty!

Nutty Brown now!

Of course, when we got there, Nutty had a friend. See Minnie below, and both of their stories on our blog: Nutty (f/k/a Macky Mack) and Minnie Mouse. After some time in a foster home with one amazing and dedicated foster, it became clear that Nutty needed some training to adjust to civilian life, and so we got a local trainer involved. Before you knew it, our trainer fell in love. Nutty was such a good dog, he had to have him! He now uses Nutty as his “neutral” dog to help other dogs overcome aggression. Not too bad for a dog who endured such a hard life. Nutty goes to work everyday with his new Dad and pack of canine pals, and he follows his Dad around like there is nobody else in the world. We are so happy Nutty has found a new life thanks to one man who was willing to open up his heart for him. Thanks Officer Nutt!


As we made our way to Log Cabin, Texas to save what we thought was one dog…little did we know it would turn out to be two! When Love-A-Bull volunteers arrived to pick up Nutty Brown (see above story), we soon found out Officer Nutt had also manged to save another life and asked if we had room for her as well! This sweet little girl was picked up as a stray on Christmas Eve after the Chief got a call about a loose pit bull type dog running around behind the grocery store. She had reportedly been shot. Read both of their stories on our blog: Nutty (f/k/a Macky Mack) and Minnie Mouse.

Well…How could we say no to that beautiful face and before we knew it Minnie was in the car with Nutty traveling to Austin! These two did so well together we found an amazing foster mom that was willing to let them stay together in a foster home! Of course, Minnie was a star everywhere she went and during one of our Pints for Pits events, her picture was spotted and the rest is history! Minnie’s family had fallen in love before she even walked through their door, the only thing left to do was make sure Minnie would love her new feline sister, Buttaboo. She passed with flying colors and these two were fast friends! Minnie is in a wonderful home where she now spends her days gets tons and tons of love from her new mom & dad!

Coco (Puffin)

True love. More happiness than you can ever know!

Coco was found as a stray wandering out in the cold winter. She’d obviously had it rough. She was likely used as a breeding dog and had been tossed out, or had managed to run away, from her irresponsible “owners.” Coco was thoroughly emaciated and needed to gain nearly 30 pounds. She had more than likely been hit by a car and her injuries had “healed” on their own — she was dragging both of her legs. Love-A-Bull arranged for her surgery on one leg, and the vet recommended amputation of the other. Upon further investigation from a specialist, we realized amputation was not a good idea, as she would not be able to carry the weight because her other leg was still weak. So… she walks a bit funny, and needs a leg brace, but with her searing, gorgeous eyes, she is still Diva-licious! and has many, many Facebook fans. Coco has had a long journey, and we are so happy she has finally found her way into a permanent home, much plumper and happier than the day she was found. We know her new pittie parents will spoil her, as she certainly deserves! And, she loves, her fabulous Chi-Chi sister Sweet Pea! **Update: Check out the story of this almost 2-year journey here!**


Bella, home at last!

Bella was found as a stray in Northeast Austin. She was about 11 months old and was very skinny, dehydrated and had an eye infection. She was shy and timid at first, but came out of her shell quickly. Bella was originally a “courtesy post,” but her fosters did not have a lot of luck placing her, and she was re-homed several times to people who did not have the proper commitment. Eventually Love-A-Bull just had to step in for this sweet girl. Luckily, we did because she found her fur-ever home. Bella is now living the sweet life, and doesn’t have to worry anymore about what tomorrow will bring.

Cargo (f/k/a Butler)

Cargo (left) and his new fam. He even sleeps on the human bed with sister Kona (bottom right).

Cargo's team of heroes

Cargo was saved by mechanics and engineers who worked on Blackhawk helicopters. He was a young pup, lost and had an embedded collar. Extremely shy, and lacking socialization, he was terrified of people. That didn’t stop the mechanics from saving his life. Every morning, they put water out, gave him treats, and once Cargo gained trust, they bought dog toys and bags of food until he started to come around daily. Eventually, they were able to pick him up and get him in the crate so that he could be brought to Austin to become a Love-A-Bull foster. Cargo’s sweet and shy nature made him a great adopt-a-bull, as he loved every dog he met, and was great with cats. He now has a fur-ever home, where he sure prefers beds, canine pals, and his new home to life in the streets! Thanks everyone at Triumph Voight for stepping up and saving a life! We know his new family adores him.

Jelly Bean

Although we don’t know the history of Jelly’s past, we know her future is nothing but bright! Jelly Bean snuggled her way into her foster home and before we knew it she was being adopted. Jelly’s new family fell hard for those beautiful eyes and her happy demeanor. We were sad to lose one of our favorite foster homes, but we knew she had found the perfect fur-ever home!

Billy the Kid

During a community event we met Billy the Kid and fell in love. We couldn’t believe that this sweet boy had been at AAC for over 300 days! Even though our rescue was packed full, we couldn’t resist.

Before the end of the event we had found Billy a foster home and brought him into our program. Billy had had the best of foster brothers to learn from, as his big foster-brother was Pit Crew dog, Loki. Before long, he was adopted by an amazing family who met him at a local Austin park and fell in love immediately.

Cool Hand Luke (f/k/a Beowulf)

This sweet guy (formerly known as Beowulf), was surrendered to the San Antonio shelter as a victim of breed-restrictive housing. He was confused and scared, but in no time, he had a huge army of Internet fans working hard to get him out. Love-A-Bull pulled him into our adoption program and placed him in a foster home where he could relax and recover. His foster dad warmed right up to him, and re-named him Cool Hand Luke, because he’s such a calm, cool, collected dude — and just like Paul Newman’s character, he deserved to be sprung from confinement and allowed to find his way to new freedom. His mellow personality and affinity for hanging out with his new canine sister, Maya, made him the perfect addition to the family. So, before you know it, another foster failure! We love it when that happens! You can tell by one gaze into his soulful amber eyes that he’s found happiness again!


Maggie and mom

Poor Maggie was thrown from a moving truck. A good samaritan stopped and scooped her up. She was originally fostered and cared for by a family member until Love-A-Bull had room to take her into our program. It wasn’t long before her adopter came along, and it has been true love ever since. Things have definitely improved for Maggie since she has found her fur-ever home, and we are eternally gratefully that a a good person was in the right place at the right time for little Maggie!

Gidgett (f/k/a Callie)

Gidgett (right) with sister Calla (left)

Gidgett is one of the three ‘pocket pits’ that Love-A-Bull took in from a Florida dog fight bust; you can read about the details here. Although it is needless to say, she has moved on to MUCH better things! This sweet momma dog had nothing but love to give from the moment she stepped onto the Austin soil; she knew good things were in store.

She quickly made it into a foster home that turned into her forever home! Gidgett’s foster dad contacted Love-A-Bull when he started looking for a dog that could be not only a buddy, but a leader and role model to his first dog, Calla, who is deaf. Gidgett quickly settled into home life where she and Calla became quick friends and now share a bond only sisters could have! Calla often looks to Gidgett for cues and direction, which makes life much easier for everyone in the house. Gigett is such an inspiration to everyone she meets, coming for such a life of terror only to make the most of what she now has and lead by example!

Essi (f/k/a Jules)

Essi and her mom at the parade

Essi was spotted one storming night abandoned down in a drainage pipe in SE Austin. And it wasn’t just any person who came to her aid, but experienced disaster rescuer Michelle Hurst, prepared to recover this dog immediately. At the time Love-A-Bull could not bring Essi into the program but committed to help with medical care as she was found to also have a partially embedded collar. Michelle contacted her friend Dawn Thompson of Best Friends Boarding who committed to caring for Essi at her boarding facility in Rosanky, Texas until other arrangements could be made. During her time in boarding, she received medical treatment and was able to heal. Once Love-A-Bull had a foster home opening for Essi, she was pulled into our program and became an adopt-a-bull. But that didn’t last long, after a very short-time in our program she met her now fur-ever mom! When her soon-to-be mom came to meet her at an adoption event, she was immediately drawn to Essi, busy splashing around in the baby pool. After a short walk around the block and lots of snuggles – that was all she wrote. Essi’s mom was so in love, she found new housing that would allow them to live together and Essi was adopted shortly thereafter. Today, Essi spends her time snuggled in bed under the covers, splashing around Austin water holes, and visiting friends and admirers all over town! She’s already come to visit us at the PBAD parade and Pints for Pits!


Love-A-Bull received Truffle (originally Snow White) and her pups (the Seven Dwarfs, see above) after we were contacted by a concerned volunteer with another rescue group who informed us that they were not receiving proper care after being pulled just before death at a high-kill shelter. We had even received information that the group was planning to return Truffle and her pups to that same shelter! Well, needless to say that just couldn’t happen, so Love-A-Bull stepped in and pulled them into our program. Truffle was an amazing momma, but after all of her pups were adopted, Truffle was ready for a home of her own. It just so happens she met her now Dad at an adoption event. He wasn’t there to meet Truffle but after he did, he just couldn’t get her off his mind. Truffle was adopted that same week and now lives the life going to work daily with her Dad and snuggling up with her two little human girls when she isn’t busy working!

Raquel (f/k/a Paisley)

Raquel and brother Domingo

This little girl has no idea how having the right friends saved her life! Raquel just so happened to be at the Humble County Pound along with another rescue turned adopt-a-bull, Miles. When asking for more information about Miles, the Animal Control Officer accidentally uploaded a video of Raquel and sent it to Love-A-Bull. What a perfect accident it was; we fell in love with her playful personality immediately and knew this sweet little girl couldn’t be left behind. Raquel barely made it to the vet clinic before her now fur-ever family spotted her on Facebook and rushed to meet her! She went right into her new home – a perfect fit with her mom, dad, and dog brother! Raquel now spends her time out and about at Austin trails, restaurants, and events… giving lots of love and kisses to everyone she meets!


Raisin on meeting/adoption day!

Raisin is a LUCKY dog — though she may not know it. While on a rescue mission in Martindale (for an entirely different dog), two L-A-B Board Members turned around, and what was behind them? Raisin. A loose, totally shy pit bull that wouldn’t even let them near her. Well, she wasn’t the dog they came for — but she was the dog they rescued. Everyone who met Raisin immediately loved her, including all the cats and dogs at the vet’s office – in fact when she first came into the program we’re pretty sure she thought she was a kitty cat, and not a dog. With much patience, TLC, and time, Raisin began to come out of her shell. Before long the first meeting was arranged and she went to her new home that day. She hasn’t looked back on her previous life and now enjoys lots of daily cuddle time with her mom.

Irie (f/k/a Alice)

Mi' Irie Mon and her big new family

When Love-A-Bull was contacted about two sweet pitties running out of time at the Cleveland Animal Shelter, we couldn’t pass them up! The amazing volunteers and staff at the shelter were able to make arrangements to get Irie into a safe temporary foster home until her and former adopt-a-bull, Leo could be flown to Texas. After a few weeks of coordinating, the folks and pilots with Pilots N Paws flew them into the Lakeway airport just outside of Austin. We knew this sweet girl was special when we met her, she had the most soulful eyes and precious demeanor about herself. Needless to say, Irie was scooped up very quickly. While on her way from a short-term to long-term foster home she was intercepted and brought to an adoption meet and greet. This little girl was home! Not only did she land herself one of the best homes in Austin, it has a pool built especially for dogs to boot! Irie now spends her days snuggling with her mom, dad, or two canine sisters. Her new family named her Irie short for “Mi’ Irie Mon,” which in Jamaican means feeling ‘great, cool, good, nice; A state of peacefulness or harmony, either within oneself or with the world in general.’

Whitney (f/k/a Bella)

Whitney, formerly Bella, came into the Love-A-Bull program from the Austin Animal Center. She immediately caught the eye of Love-A-Bull board member Leala from her suite just inside the lobby of the shelter. When Whitney first came into our program, she had such bad allergies that she had chewed the pads of her feet and could barely walk. The wonderful volunteers and shelter staff at AAC would carry Whitney outside to go potty. Once in our foster program, Miss Whitney was seen by a specialist, her allergies were treated, and her paws rapidly started to heal. When we were contacted by a family looking for a new family dog, we knew this could be the perfect home. Whitney was introduced to the family and, after giving their little boy lots of sweet kisses, they knew she was the one. She was almost immediately adopted and has now helped welcome the newest human addition as well as a new canine addition into their home.

Miles f.k.a. Sir Hobo

Miles before

Sharon and Miles now

Miles had been abandoned in a cardboard box tied to a fence at the Humble County Pound. This little guy was covered in thousands of fleas and came to us heartworm positive with a handful of other health issues. If Miles is anything he is resilient! He’s been nothing but grateful since the day he came into our program. Miles had quite the following on Facebook when his story was circulated, so he also with a full-fledged fan club cheering and supporting him every step of the way. His foster mom, Sharon, fell head over heels in love and after weeks of nursing him back to health she decided Miles was home. He has now completed all of his treatments and is really living life; he loves going on hikes with his mom. Sharon and Miles continue to foster for Love-A-Bull and Miles helps to make new adopt-a-bulls comfortable and assures them they are safe!

Lemon Drop a.k.a. Lemmy

Lemon Drop before as "the gray dog"

Little did she know that this particular Monday morning would be the luckiest one of her life. After leaving one of Love-A-Bull’s foster homes board member Megan R. spotted what she thought was a gray dog trotting through a gas station parking lot on Austin’s East side. When she pulled over to ask about the dog, locals responded that she had been running around for days. Noticeably emaciated and incredibly dirty with burns up and down her back, Lemmy looked very thirsty. Megan opened her car to grab a water bowl and before she even finished opening the door, Lemon Drop hopped right in and made herself a co-pilot in the passenger seat. That sealed the deal and Lemon Drop was transported directly to the vet clinic for treatment. She was not only physically damaged, including testing positive for heartworms, but also mentally scarred and believed to have been used for breeding. Lemon Drop needed a special only-dog foster home with lots of patience and TLC. That’s just what she found! Within a few days, Love-A-Bull had an amazing long-time foster step up to care for her. Fast forward a few months and Lemmy’s foster mom had fallen in love becoming a first-time “foster failure” (in the most positive light) meaning she adopted her! These two are the perfect match, we really could not have dreamed up a more spot of Lemmy to be in this world!

Daisy (f.k.a. Matilda “Tillie”)

Daisy with the new family pack!

Late one evening Love-A-Bull’s event coordinator Lindsey and foster mom extraordinaire Sharon, discovered two stray pups running the streets in Leander. Without hesitation they took to safety at Sharon’s house nearby while they figured out what to do – neither pup was microchipped or wearing any tags. So they began to care for them and work on re-homing these two. The Shepard-mix pup was adopted quickly, leaving Daisy behind to find her home. After a few weeks, Love-A-Bull had a spot open up in their program and Daisy was placed in a foster home, eventually finding her way back to Sharon’s for foster care. She quickly learned the house rules and by the time her now fur-ever family came along, she was prepared to impress! Daisy hit the jackpot when her fur-ever family found her, they were smitten over this sweet little girl and knew she was be the perfect addition to their pack. She now lives out in the peaceful country-side in Bastrop and enjoys spending her days running and playing with her canine siblings!


Eeyore & his dad on adoption day!

This super handsome pup is part of our “Pooh and the Gang” rescued litter of puppies. Eeyore was the biggest pup of the litter but also seemed to have the biggest heart! He grabbed the attention of everyone he met with those big blue eyes and sweet face. Eeyore was originally adopted by a family that ultimately was not meant to be, but we know everything happens for a reason. After only a short time back in our program, Love-A-Bull was contacted by Eeyore’s now fur-ever dad! He said Eeyore was everything he had been looking for, the two quickly bonded. His dad thinks he is the best pup ever! Eeyore was lucky enough to also move into a home with two canine roommates for lots of playtime!

Tanner a.k.a Tater Tot

When we committed to saving former adopt-a-bull, Clint Eastwood we quickly found out he came as a package deal – he had a buddy named Tanner that couldn’t be left behind. They were both pulled from the high kill shelter in North Texas just in the nick of time.

This sweet lover boy quickly stole the heart of his foster mom! She did let Tanner go when he was adopted but after that placement didn’t work out she knew it was a sign, he was already home with her. Tanner now has an amazing momma and canine brother who is just as handsome as he, some even say they could be brothers from the same pack. Tanner and his family spend their time traveling around to visit family and out and about socializing in Austin! Just look for the two handsome boys in bow-ties!