LOVE-A-BULL began as a Meetup Group in 2003, and though it has since grown into a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, it still maintains its presence on to attract new members, distribute information, promote activities, and facilitate public interaction.

By visiting LOVE-A-BULL’s Meetup Page, it is easy to:

  • Learn about and join the group
  • Read and contribute to the many topics on the message board
  • Check out and RSVP to upcoming events on the calendar, such as:
    • Monthly Fun Walks
    • Committee Meetings
    • Fundraisers (National Pit Bull Awareness Day, Pints for Pits, Laugh Your Tail Off, etc.)
    • Canine Good Citizenship Evaluation
  • Read member profiles and connect with other owners/supporters
  • View and upload photos of group members and activities
  • Get FREE Basics, Intermediate and Advanced Training for your pit bull-type dog

Visit our meetup page