Specialty Classes

Love-A-Bull is incredibly excited to partner with Sit Means Sit of Austin to bring to our dues paying members, the opportunity to participate in their specialty classes at a discounted rate. Classes include Tricks, Introduction to Agility, Introduction to Nosework and Introduction to Drive Building. There’s a class for any pittie!

Registration Process

1) You must be a dues paying member of Love-A-Bull in order to receive the discount price when participating in the specialty classes. If you have not already joined, please visit our Become A Member page to purchase your Love-A-Bull membership.

2) After paying your yearly membership dues to Love-A-Bull, you MUST call Sit Means Sit directly (in order to receive your discount) to register for whichever class you are wishing to participate in. The phone number to register is (512) 348-RUFF [7833]. Do not register for these classes via the Sit Means Sit website or you will not receive your discount.

3) Make sure you pay attention to the calendars on the Sit Means Sit website. Specialty classes rotate every two weeks.

4)Have a blast!!

Click on the SMS logo below for a glimpse into the all the fun!
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