Past Initiatives

Pit Bull Task Force

In March 2010, the Austin City Council voted to begin implementing the No-Kill Initiative, to move Austin towards a goal of 90% live outcomes at the shelter.  In this Implementation Plan, the City established several citizen-led task forces, including the Pit Bull Task Force. LOVE-A-BULL is an active participant in the Pit Bull Task Force, and its co-founders are the Citizen Co-Chairs of the group. The Task Force meets monthly, and its activities and discussion highlights are reported to the City’s Animal Advisory Commission at their monthly meeting.

The Mission of the Pit Bull Task Force is:  to ensure humane treatment of all pit bull-type dogs, create and implement solutions for safer environments, increase public understanding about pit bull-type dogs, and reduce intake and increase live outcomes of pit bull-type dogs from the shelter.

The Goals of the Task Force are to:

  • Strive for healthy pit bull-type dogs (with focus on pressing health issues such as spay/neuter and heartworm prevention)
  • Educate owners and the public on “best practices” (increase outreach about training, care, breed information)
  • Continue community efforts when it comes to abuse/neglect intervention and awareness/education
  • Support rescue and promote fostering/adoption/re-homing (tie-in to the No-Kill Plan)
  • Ensure humane treatment (anti-chaining, anti-abuse, anti-fighting)
  • Increase positive public perception (community awareness messaging and providing role models)

Some of the Recent Initiatives of the Task Force include:

  • Breed Identification (headed up by Tara Stermer, of — a project to help shelter staff and volunteers more accurately label dogs within breed categories
  • Expanded Long-Stay Foster Program — a pilot program to get long-stay dogs out of the shelter and into homes where increased levels of care, training and socialization, as well as lower stress, can build stronger adoption candidates (See a video promoting this program on YouTube)
  • Housing Options — continued efforts to lift breed restrictions for renters who own dogs that fit into targeted breed categories (See our Housing page for more information)
  • Pittie Spay/Neuter Day — a partnership with LOVE-A-BULL, Emancipet, Town Lake Animal Center and other civic and community groups to promote and support free spay/neuter services for pit bulls and pit bull mixes
  • Education and outreach activities through Tara Stermer’s Mobile Community Education Program, National Pit Bull Awareness Day events, and other community-oriented offerings

We hope that the synergy of the participants on the Task Force will lead to a better outcome for dogs and communities and that perhaps Austin can provide a model to other cities.  The Task Force is open to anyone who wants to contribute to the goals of the group.  Representatives from the City of Austin/Travis County Animal Control, the Austin Humane Society, Emancipet, Animal Trustees of Austin, and several local rescues have participated.

The meetings are open to the public, and take place on the fourth Friday of each month at City Hall (201 W. 2nd Street) at 6 pm.

Notes from past meetings are available here (in .pdf format):

Notes_from_Pit_Bull_Task Force_Meeting_on_8.31.10

Notes from Pit Bull Task Force Meeting on 9.28.10

Notes_from_Pit_Bull_Task Force_Meeting_on_October_26_2010

Notes from Pit Bull Task Force Meeting on November 23, 2010

(Task Force did not meet in December 2010)

Notes from Pit Bull Task Force Meeting on January 25, 2011

Notes from Pit Bull Task Force Meeting on February 22, 2011


Petition Against Breed Discriminatory Legislation

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