RuffTail Runners

Enjoy running — with dogs? Here’s your chance…Our pitties are the perfect workout buddies!

Team Spiridon, a local running group, has expanded their freshly created, okay well new-ish, RuffTail Runners program (formerly Jog-A-Dog) to help our dogs in boarding get the exercise they need and give the veterinary staff a break. Please view the RuffTail Runners page on their website to learn more and find training times. You can also find RuffTail Runners on Facebook!

Please note: LOVE-A-BULL volunteers are ALWAYS able to walk, play, and cuddle with the dogs regardless if you are part of RTR or not. We welcome you to spend time with our dogs in boarding at any time! This program is just an added benefit and extension of what you can do.

Since the RTR program now extends to LOVE-A-BULL dogs, you can earn a stamp for this too! Please make sure to join the RuffTail Runners Meetup to be notified of training sessions and when dogs are available to run.

Volunteer requirements are as follows:

Read THIS!

    • You must be 18 to walk/jog a dog alone. Minors under 18 are welcome if accompanied by a guardian, but you must be 16 to hold the dog’s leash.
    • Attend a training session.
    • Submit a signed waiver (at training)

Thanks to our friends at Team Spiridon for creating and expanding such a great program!