Adoption Application

We’re so glad to see you here, since this means you’re interested in meeting one of our great Adopt-A-Bulls to provide them a forever home! Please read through the following information that details our adoption process and then click on the link below to fill out the adoption application.

Adoption Process

Step 1 – View our adoptable pit bull-type dogs online here.
Step 2 – Read the information below, and then complete the adoption application online.

  1. Adoption fees: Dogs 6 months of age and older are $150 to adopt; dogs younger than 6 months are $200. Seniors (ages 7+) or medical cases have a reduced adoption fee of $100. Adoption fees cover spay/neuter, vaccinations (DHPP/Da2P, Bordatella, Rabies [if old enough]), dewormer, fecal test, heartworm test (if old enough) and microchipping. Our adoption fees are deposited straight into our medical fund, which helps us pull more at-risk dogs and save more lives. Please note: Puppies are often in high demand, and therefore usually have several interested adopters. While we love our puppies, we encourage you to see what adult dogs may be right for you!
  2. If you see a dog listed that you think might be a good fit for your family:
    • Applicants whose residence is local to the Central Texas area will be given preference in adopting our dogs. Occasionally, LOVE-A-BULL may have dogs deemed available for out-of-state adoptions, but these instances are rare (see below for Out-of-State Adoption criteria). Local area adoptions allow us the means to provide additional support and resources to adopted dogs and their families!
    • Applicants must be at least 21 years of age.
    • To Apply, submit the completed application online via the link below.
    • Once your application is received and reviewed, a LOVE-A-BULL Representative will contact you to discuss the dog you are interested in and to get more details on your current home environment and lifestyle.
    • If it looks like your situation might be a match, we will arrange 1) a Meet and Greet between yourself and our Adopt-A-Bull; if there are other animals in the home, they will need to be a part of the Meet and Greet & 2) a Home Visit so that we can check the environment for any safety hazards such as holes in fences, areas that may need to be kept off limits to your new pup, etc., and then advise on how to fix those issues before the new dog is brought into your home.
    • If the Meet and Greet and Home Visit go well, we will arrange for an official drop-off for you to begin your “Adoption Trial Run”. LOVE-A-BULL offers adoption trial runs for 7-10 days in order to ensure that this big step is a good fit for the families and our Adopt-A-Bulls. For many, this new addition to the family will be a 10- to 12-year commitment, and we want to make sure it is a great choice for all involved.
    • After the trial adoption run, you will be contacted by a LOVE-A-BULL representative (though we’ll be keeping in touch with you throughout the 7-10 days) to confirm whether or not you’d like to move forward in making the adoption official.
    • If we get the green light … you will soon have a new member of your family to snuggle with on the couch!

Click here for the Adoption Application

Guidelines for Adoption of Dogs Out of State

In rare situations, LOVE-A-BULL will consider specific dogs in our program for out-of-state adoption. The following are our requirements for out-of-state adoptions. Please read through the information carefully and should you have any questions, email

Note: Due to COVID-19, we are not considering any dogs for out-of-state adoptions at this time.

  1. Potential adopter must be willing to come to Austin to meet the Adopt-A-Bull.
  2. Pictures and/or video of the current residence of the potential adopter will be required. We prefer for this to be provided via video call (FaceTime, Messenger, Google Meet, etc.). Only when specified can offline pictures/video be provided, and these must include a full “tour” of the inside and outside of the residence, including the yard. These items will need to be emailed to for review.
  3. A physical home check is a requirement of an out-of-state adoption and will be done at the time of drop-off or prior to completion of the official adoption. The home check will be done either by a LOVE-A-BULL Representative or a local Rescue Group/Trainer that the organization has networked with. These Rescue Groups/Trainers will be a valuable resource for you in your local area.
  4. Out-of-state adopters must not have any other pets in their home, and they must agree not to obtain any other pets in their home while said Adopt-A-Bull is in their care.
  5. To mitigate the potential of one of our dogs adopted out of state being returned due to housing issues, preference will be given to those applicants that own their own residence. However, applicants that are renting their current residence will still be considered. If you are renting, you must provide (via the adoption application) contact information to either your apartment management company or your landlord.
  6. LOVE-A-BULL will not fly dogs as cargo. Each adopted dog will be driven personally by a LOVE-A-BULL Representative to your place of residence. For this reason, the adoption fee for out-of-state adoptions varies based on location. Please complete the adoption application to obtain specific adoption fee information.

Click here for the Adoption Application

If you’re interested in becoming an awesome foster parent for LOVE-A-BULL, please visit our foster page.

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