Sara Stein, President, Board of Directors

Sara has been in love with rescuing animals since her youngest days of finding strays with her mom. In 2008, Sara entered Veterinary Technology school with the goal of working in rescue, receiving her degree and passing both state and national exams. She has worked in private practice and the Austin Humane Society in both intake and clinic, leading her to foster seniors and medical-case dogs with Austin Animal Center, Austin Pets Alive! and LOVE-A-BULL. She also helped start the Dogs 101 and Cats 101 programs at the Travis County Correctional Center.

Sara first joined LOVE-A-BULL as a volunteer in 2013 to speak on behalf of this misunderstood and incredible group of dogs. She has never known a breed that is more cuddly or silly than a pittie. Sara runs our foster program in addition to leading our Adoption Committee. She became Board President in April 2021.

It takes a village to educate, advocate and save lives — and she is happy to be a part of that village!

Kailyn Lavoie, Secretary, Board of Directors

Kailyn, a life-long animal lover, committed to living a lifestyle truly in line with animal welfare in 2014. Her passion has always been dogs — especially those that face the biggest challenges. She believes in correcting the skewed image of pit bull-type dogs through increasing personal interactions with the wide-mouthed wiggle butts, remedying the myths (both positive and negative) around the history and traits of these dogs, and helping people to think critically about the current information available around dogs, which is frequently inaccurate or misleading.

Upon seeing that her values were shared with LOVE-A-BULL, Kailyn joined the events team in 2016 and became Board Secretary in early 2019. She believes deeply in rescue, and as a result has been providing love and housing to her free-loading mutt, Boone, since 2012, and Science, her pit bull-type pup, since 2014.

Her dream is for compassion and respect to be extended to all animals. Her action plan is to start that message through the rescue of our beautiful and deserving furry friends.

Macie Hay SMacie Hay Sharpe, Treasurer, Board of Directors

Macie adopted her first dog, Scooby, in 2014 from a kill shelter in San Antonio, Texas. Scooby was at risk for euthanasia because of a simple eye injury, which sparked her desire to get involved with rescue.

Since this time, Macie has both worked at and volunteered with rescues throughout Texas and Louisiana. She served as accountant at Austin Pets Alive! for two years, as well as volunteers as a dog walker, CGC/TOP Dog trainer, and member of the Legislative and Policy Committee. She has also seen some success as a grant writer, securing five grants for three different rescues in 2019-2021 to assist in ongoing missions to increase the lifesaving of homeless animals. Her front door mat reads “There’s Like, a Lot of Dogs in Here,” and that is always true — whether she has a shelter dog on a sleepover, a foster dog or is holding a stray to reunite them.

Macie holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting with a non-profit endorsement, currently working in corporate accounting for a local Austin company. She joined the LOVE-A-BULL board in mid-2021 as Treasurer to combine her love of numbers and saving the at-risk house hippos.

Alexis MulhollandAlexis Mulholland, Member, Board of Directors

Alexis has been an animal lover forever but got her first dog, a pug, 17 years ago. When he passed in 2020, she began volunteering with LOVE-A-BULL as a foster because she wanted to help misrepresented pups.

Alexis’ background spans an array of volunteering experience, including fostering for another pit bull rescue and rehabbing wildlife with Austin Wildlife Rescue. She has a bachelor’s degree in wildlife and fisheries with an emphasis on animal behavior and minor in psychology.

Alexis is thrilled to help continue to break the stereotype pitties face with the help of co-leading our monthly Pittie Fun Walks and overseeing our social media and marketing efforts. She joined the board in mid-2021.

 Lindsey Ortiz, Member, Board of Directors (ON LEAVE)

Lindsey Ortiz has been a long-time animal lover with previous volunteer work and employment in local no-kill shelters and rescues. She and her husband, Landon, adopted their first pittie in 2009 and became forever advocates for the breed, later adopting another.

Lindsey joined the Board in 2014 and served as Event Chair for LOVE-A-BULL from 2010 to early 2020. She is a past Board President. A community warrior, she prides herself on volunteer camaraderie and networking with people who can truly influence and change negative perceptions about pit bull-type dogs. Lindsey is our main training and behavior consultant.

Lindsey is a proud mother of a pittie-loving girl and future LOVE-A-BULL volunteer named Kenzie. Her four-legged babies include Julie the pit bull and Vinnie the 100-lb pit bull mix.

Previous Leadership: Love-A-Bull Co-Founders

Lydia Zaidman and Meghan Wells

In 2005, Meghan Wells took over leadership of the American Pit Bull Terrier Meetup group in Austin, a small gathering of pit bull advocates who took monthly “fun walks” around downtown. Later, Meghan joined forces with Lydia Zaidman, another one of the active Meetup members, to transform the group into a vehicle to change minds and fight negative stereotypes surrounding pit bull-type dogs. Together, they founded LOVE-A-BULL.

In 2008, with a huge dream and a lot of hard work, Lydia and Meghan turned LOVE-A-BULL into a 501(c)3 not for profit organization. Meghan along with her pittie, May, and Lydia along with her pitties, Mocha and Lucy, worked tirelessly to help educate the public on the truths about pit bull-type dogs and to advocate for just how amazing these dogs can be. Since its inception, Meghan and Lydia helped to shape LOVE-A-BULL into what it has become today: a thriving education, advocacy, and rescue organization whose primary mission is to promote responsible guardianship and improve the image and lives of pit bull-type dogs.

While serving the organization, Lydia helped found the Pit Crew Therapy Dog Program of which she and Mocha served in until Mocha’s passing. While serving LOVE-A-BULL, Meghan spearheaded multiple education and outreach efforts, including conference workshops, community resource fairs, interviews, and research projects, and partnerships to spread awareness of our mission and goals. She led countless free spay/neuter clinics and helped co-found the low-cost training program still offered to the Austin community to this day. Both Lydia and Meghan served tirelessly on the Board of Directors before ending their tenure in 2014. They remain active as volunteers, relentless supporters, adopters and fosters for the organization.

LOVE-A-BULL would not be the amazing organization that it is without their dedication and hard work. A huge thank you goes out to these amazing women and all they have accomplished for pit bull-type dogs everywhere!