A bedrock belief of Love-A-Bull is that responsible guardianship involves a commitment to strengthening the bond between you and your dog. To support our goal of helping all of our members to be model guardians of healthy, happy, well-behaved pit bulls, we offer FREE training to our dues-paying Love-A-Bull members who are proud parents of dogs labeled as “pit bull type dogs” – More information about membership here!

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About the Trainers

Love-A-Bull partners with four trainers for our classes, Jessica Wilson, Crystal Dunn, Brandy Monnens,  & Justin Crawford.

Jess Wilson
Crystal Dunn
Brandy Monnens
Justin Crawford

Class Information

Basics Obedience Class: Covers sit, down, stay, leave it, recall and loose leash walking; duration and distraction is also introduced in order to begin proofing the taught commands; class will also cover how to manage small behavioral challenges such as jumping, mouthing, etc.

***New Class*** Intermediate Obedience Class: Class will review all commands learned in Basic Obedience and will add a higher degree of distance, duration and distraction. The class will also cover how to teach the “heel” position and will teach the “place” command.

Advanced Obedience Class: Reviews commands learned in basic classes and introduces higher distractions to prepare for “real world” environments; class is specifically geared towards reviewing the items for Canine Good Citizenship Evaluation.

All classes consist of 4 sessions. Classes may not be taken/registered for individually. All classes are taken as a series (typically once a week for 4 weeks). More information about additional future classes will be posted as soon as available.

We do not accept registration paperwork in advance or “wait-list” for future sessions. We require those who register to verify they can attend the dates and times of the session posted prior to registration. If you would like to begin training immediately, there is a list of trainers on this page (scroll to the bottom) – All listed are trusted partners of Love-A-Bull. If session is not at capacity, registration will automatically close on Day 1 of the training class session and no further registrations will be accepted. NOTE: Love-A-Bull has updated their registration forms and requirements, and the new training application is online. The new registration procedure is described in the section “How to Register“. You will receive a confirmation email when your registration is complete.

 Austin Animal Center (CENTRAL) » 7201 Levander Loop, Austin, TX 78721

  • BASICS» Class Dates: September 6th & 13th from 11am-12pm; September 20th from 12-1pm (time change); October 4th from 11am-12pm ⁄ Trainers: Jess Wilson & Arielle Mirasole
    • Registration is Open
  • INTERMEDIATE» Class Dates: September 6th & 13th from 12-1pm; September 20th from 1-2pm (time change); October 4th from 12-1pm/ Trainer: Jess Wilson & Arielle Mirasole
    • Registration is Open

 Zoom Room  (NORTH) »7739 Northcross Drive, Austin, TX 78757

  • There are currently no classes scheduled for this location.


How To Register (NEW PROCEDURE)

Please read all information thoroughly and in its entirety.

1. Fill out and submit the Love-A-Bull training application. Be sure that you enter all of the required information. There are fields in the form for you to provide information about current year dues and/or training deposits if they have already been paid. Filling out these fields will make it easier for Accounting to find your payments and complete your registration more quickly. After submission, a copy of the new Love-A-Bull agreement AND facility waiver for your training class location will be emailed to you. The form is already filled out for you from information entered in your application. Verify the fields in RED, then print, sign, and date the form. Original signatures are REQUIRED.

NOTE: We require new forms for each session.  If you are taking a class for a second time (advanced or basics), you must resubmit your application and send in your forms again.  Please email your updated forms to or mail them to Love-A-Bull at 2900 W. Anderson Lane, C-200 #304 Austin, TX 78757.  You may not bring your forms/payment to class – registration & class deposit must be done in advance – no exceptions.

2.  Scan or photograph the signed agreement/facility waiver, attach the PDF or image, and email to

3.  You will receive an email confirming that your information has been received and advising you of class space availability.

4.  Pay the training class deposit and Love-A-Bull dues if necessary.

      • You must be a dues-paying member of Love-A-Bull to attend training sessions. Dues must be paid each calendar year, and they are $25 per person.
      • You must pay a $50 fully REFUNDABLE deposit if you are attending the Basics or Advanced Obedience Classes
Icon-mailPay Deposit – Zoom Room  
Icon-mailPay Deposit – Austin Animal Center  

NOTE: The class deposit for Basics and Advanced obedience classes ensures that you will participate fully in the training program and are not taking a highly desirable space from someone, without the intention of working hard in class. As long as you attend all four Basics or Advanced classes on time, your $50 will be returned to you after class completion.

You can pay online by credit card or via Paypal or you can mail a check to Love-A-Bull at 2900 W. Anderson Lane, C-200 #304 Austin, TX 78757. Please be advised that we will cash your $50 check and then issue a refund check of that $50, less any Paypal fees if you pay via Paypal. Paypal fees are typically about $1.75 and are a cost we incur when you pay via Paypal.  Moreover, unused deposits will become donations if you do not register for a class for more than six months.

5. After the signed waiver is on file and Accounting has verified current dues and training deposit/registration fee, you will receive a confirmation email from  advising your spot has been saved for the class.

Please Note: Due to the small facility size, it’s necessary to limit the class size to ensure the safety of all in attendance. Classes do fill up fast and it’s a first come/first serve basis for those who meet all the requirements as listed above so please register as soon as possible. Your registration is not final until you receive an email from confirming that your registration is complete.

What do I need to bring to class the first day?

Please bring all of the handling equipment you are currently using for your dog.  Below are items that you will need to bring with you the first day of class.

      • We strongly recommend your dog be spay/neutered, but this is not mandatory for attending basics/advanced.  If your female dog is not spayed, she must not be in heat when attending classes.  If your dog is in heat, you will be asked to leave the class and your class deposit will be non-refundable. For more information on getting your dog spay or neutered, please go to our Resources page.
      • Bring a martingale collar that fits your dog. (Choke collars will not be used during class.  If you are currently using a choke collar, you must bring a martingale collar that fits your dog with you to class.  The trainer will help you transition.)
      • You MUST bring a leash with you to class. (No retractable leashes. No chains.  Leash must be sufficient strength for the handling of your dog.)
      • Closed-toe shoes only.  No sandals or flip flops.
      • Bring plenty of high value treats.
      • Please also bring dog waste bags and be prepared to clean up any waste produced by your dog.
      • Mandatory vaccinations include: Rabies (within 3 years) & DHLPP.  If your dog is not Bordetella vaccinated, we must have a signed statement on file that confirms you are aware of the risks.
      • Minimum session ages:
        • Basics is 5 months old
        • Advanced is 5 months old

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

For questions about the training program, please contact us at