Foster Program

We are a foster home-based network, meaning that we are only able to help the number of dogs for which we have open foster homes. We appreciate your interest in signing up to save a life!

Please read the details below and then fill out our Foster Sign-Up Form.

  • Perks of Fostering:
    • Fostering is truly a rewarding experience and our families know that they are integral in offering each dog they care for a second chance at a new beginning – truly saving a life from euthanasia in a shelter or life on a chain!
    • Join a community of warm-hearted, committed advocates and dog-lovers!
    • Adding another dog to your family without the financial or long-term commitment!
    • A great way to try out various dogs if you’re thinking of adopting!
    • Learn about dog behavior and care – or help kids learn these skills!
  • The Foster Commitment:
    • Provide a safe, clean, and caring environment, as you would for your own dog.
    • Keep the dog safe from hazards and always crate the dog when supervision is not available.
    • Provide regular updates, and, if possible, photos to foster/adoption lead on the dog’s progress, likes, dislikes, issues, etc., as this helps dogs get adopted faster!
    • If available, transporting the dog to the vet for scheduled visits, events, or meet & greets with potential adopters. (Volunteer transports can be arranged if needed!)
  • What We Provide:
    • Meet & Greets with the potential foster dog and your family/pets to ensure a good fit and that everyone feels comfortable!
    • Veterinary Care – including coordinating appointments and covering 100% of costs.
    • All Supplies – Food, heartworm and flea preventatives, crate, leash, collar, tags, toys, bowls, etc.
    • Transportation by volunteers to and from vet appointments, events, etc. when needed.
    • Training with our certified training partners and volunteer trainers on your schedule, although most dogs just fit right in!
    • Marketing via social media, website, adoption events, and excellent matchmaking by our adoption coordinators to help get your foster dog adopted!
    • Support on any questions or concerns that may come up – we keep a tight foster community and pride ourselves on assisting and guiding fosters as needs arise!
  • Basic Foster Rules:
    • No dog parks or off-leash walks, even in an off leash area.
    • Unless it is a special case, always crate the dog when not home or unsupervised.
    • Let Love-A-Bull know as early as possible if you’re going away so we may arrange care for the dog.
    • Never physically punish or yell at the dog, as foster homes teach them what love should look like.

What Happens Next?

Glad you asked! When a new dog is to be coming into our program as an Adopt-A-Bull, we will send out an email to all open foster homes letting everyone know the following: age, sex, history (where the dog is coming from, background, etc.), characteristics, behavior with other dogs & cats (to the best of current knowledge), behavior with children (if known), and the type of home our trainer feels he/she may do best in.

After we share this information, if you think this dog might be a good fit for you and your family, please reply to the email expressing your interest. We will then arrange a meet and greet! Just because you have expressed interest in this dog, it does not require you to take him/her. We want to place every dog in a foster home that fits well for both the dog and his/her foster family! Often times we don’t know until we try it! And of course he/she will first have a visit with one of our local veterinarians to receive a checkup, exam, and spay/neuter (if needed) before being released into a foster home.

Please contact us at with any questions!

If you’re interested in meeting one of these lovable pups to adopt, please go to our adoption application page.