Conversations with our Foster Dog

Editor’s note: This post was originally written in April 2019. Bruenor is still celebrating his time in his forever home with author Crystal Dunn, a former LOVE-A-BULL Board member!
Hi Bo. Yes, you’re cute, even in a giant cone. No, we’re not keeping you, so don’t get too comfortable.

Quit following me. I said that you are definitely just a foster dog and I meant it. No amount of cuteness is going to change that, even if you have one of the cutest faces I’ve ever seen. This is simply a place of healing, that is all. Plus, we have more than just ourselves to consider here. The other dog isn’t even sure about you yet.

That was quick. You should probably know that she’s always been a little friendly with big, handsome, burly types, so don’t let it go to your head.

Nice. I see what you did there, but this doesn’t change anything. You still have to woo me, the kid, and the husband, and we’re not an easy sell. We’ve been doing this foster thing for a long time, buddy. This house has a virtual revolving dog-door, I’ll have you know. We said no to a Golden Retriever named Sunshine once.


We’re unbreakable.

Nicely played, sir, but she’s 8 and has yet to pay the bills, so this one is only going to get you so far.
Foster fail? Who told you that? Was that my mom? Because she gets an idea in her head sometimes and, well, she’s a dog pusher, to be frank. Don’t listen to her, Bo. She shouldn’t be using those words around you. If you want to work on anyone, work on the husband. I think you’ll find he is much less easy to convi–

Wow. The ol’ head-in-the-lap trick. You’re good.

Luckily this family has me to make sense of things. I’m proud of myself for staying strong through this, really. I mean, this is why some people can’t foster, you know what I’m saying?<<pets your belly slowly while you snore in my lap>>

They just fall in love too easily. Those are the people who end up on one of those animal cops shows wearing a spaghetti-stained nightshirt and house slippers soaked in god only knows what.

Not me, Bo. Animal hoarding has never been my thing. I know two is hardly hoarding, but let’s not forget that you’re 90 lbs with elephant-sized poops. You’re like five dogs in one.

Bo. Hmm … that name doesn’t really suit you. You’re more of a Bruenor. Oh, you like that one, eh? Bruenor it is, then. Not that I’m naming you. It’s just a nickname, that’s all.

Crap! You got an application. I mean … yay.

Hmmm …