Love-A-Bull Alumni 2021 Calendar Contest Winners!

We always love to see how our Love-A-Bull Alumni are doing in their fur-ever homes, so we wanted to share the love with you by putting together a 2021 Love-A-Bull Calendar highlighting them! We held a friendly contest where LAB Alumni sent in their stories and pibble pictures, and the LAB Board chose which pup would make their calendar debut.

We feel so thankful to have had over 30 submissions, so we wanted to share everyone’s stories!

The first Love-A-Bull Alumni story here received votes across the board (no pun intended) unanimously, so without further ado, we hope you enjoy these LAB Alumni stories as much as we do! To see our currently available Adopt-A-Bulls, click here.

Love-A-Bull 2021 Alumni Calendar ContestAnnie (fka Pinot)

Annie absolutely stole the hearts of her family from the moment they saw she was practically the twin of their dog, Apache! Now-proud mama, Alycia, and her husband were expecting their first child and wanted to make sure Apache had a furry playmate. The meet-and-greet was pure magic between the two pups, so Alycia wanted to keep Annie for an overnight slumber.

Everything started out so well, but over the next three days, Apache started ignoring Annie and Annie became despondent. Alycia and husband were heartbroken that the pair didn’t seem to get along anymore and just wanted the best for both of them.

With a tear in her eye, Alycia took out her phone to tell Love-A-Bull they were going to have to give Annie back — then something amazing happened! When Alycia looked out the window to the backyard, Apache and Annie were playing again like the first day they met! Alycia and husband are convinced the dogs had a sense that they were going to give Annie back and decided they wanted to stay together instead.

Fast-forward about six months, and Annie is not only the perfect fit for the family, but is so sweet and gentle with her human brother, Aayden. She’s exactly what her family needed!

Holly Quinn (fka Pepper)

Holly Quinn has been nothing but a joy for her whole family! She was adopted to be a companion for PTSD and has since shown her family true purpose and pure happiness. It was destiny when the two met at an adoption event and little Holly Quinn didn’t want her new mama to put her down, so she sealed it with a lick!

Jade (fka Joy)

Jade has quickly won the hearts of everyone in her family, including pittie brother Jax! Her family had patiently been waiting until they had a bigger space to rescue another pit bull-type dog. Once Jade’s family moved into their new home, it was a matter of time before they rescued Jade to complete the next chapter of their lives!

MooShu (fka Chicky)

MooShu had an undeniably terrible start to life. Her mom took one look into MooShu’s sad eyes and just knew she was the one who was going to show her how to truly be loved. Although once grossly neglected, MooShu is the most “loveabull” dog and shows nothing but love and wants to be loved in return!


Truffle was a foster-fail for her mom, Kayla! She was quick to win the hearts of everyone around her by acing her Canine Good Citizen test and becoming a therapy dog at a memory care unit (pre-COVID-19). Kayla is one proud mama and is convinced Truffle is her soul dog (we are, too)!

Quill (fka Onyx)

Quill won the hearts of the Troia family after being brought to New Hope Animal Hospital with his mom and siblings. Dr. Troia, a veterinarian at New Hope Animal Hospital, knew that Quill was meant to be in their lives after finding out Quill had a severe heart condition. What better place for a little pup to grow up than with so much love AND a vet for a dad?! Quill has not let this condition affect his happiness, and brightens each and every day for the Troia family!

Love-A-Bull 2021 Alumni Calendar WinnersRadar

Radar had a rough life and was on the euthanasia list before being rescued by Love-A-Bull. Mom, Crystal, just fell in love with his handsome face and large Shepherd ears and knew he had to be a part of the family! Radar has since grown into his ears and is a crazy bundle of joy that Crystal can’t imagine being without now.

Westcott (fka Titan)

Westcott was extremely ill due to neglect when he first came to Love-A-Bull with his foster, Ashley. He slowly but surely recovered after much needed rest and affection and was finally ready to meet potential fur-ever families … except he was already home! Ashley just couldn’t let this sweet couch potato go — and the rest is history!


Arya has been the bright light for Clint and his family during this bleak year. After losing both of their pit bulls last year, pieces of the family were missing. Love-A-Bull was happy to help Clint and his family find the perfect pittie! Arya was that lovely lady, and is now thriving as “one of the pack!”


Meatball stole Christi’s heart around the time of Mother’s Day AND her birthday. She fell in love with this goofy personality and just knew he was meant to be a part of her family! What can we say … life is about exploring the “pasta-bilities” of happiness with pitties!


Grace was the perfect fit for Lindsay and her family! Going through the process of finding their newest family member, Lindsay and family were so nervous they cleaned the entire apartment before the meet and greet! Grace is now the happiest little “hippo” showing and getting all the love!

Magnus (fka Juice Box)

Magnus was left outside on a chain prior to becoming an Adopt-A-Bull, and had a broken spirit when he first met mom, Michaela. His past of neglect did not stop the instant connection between these two. They are a perfect match, and came into each other’s lives for a reason.


Love-A-Bull 2021 Alumni Calendar Honorable MentionsZola (fka Raven)

Zola may have started life never knowing what a home was, but she happily adjusted to her newly found family and endless love from mom, Natalie. Zola was heartworm positive when she was in our program, and is finally on the final stretch of her medicine (yay!). While she would prefer to zoom around, Zola is learning to enjoy showing off her beauty through pictures taken by mom!

Axle (fka Scooter)

Axle knew he had met his fur-ever family as soon as he saw dad, Adam! Axle quickly made himself comfortable in his new home, which included snuggling with dog-sibling, Red, and a cat sibling. He is a smart pup who quickly learns commands and shows only love for his family.


Anubis just knew he was meant to be best buds with his dad, Enan! Anubis thought he had won the jackpot with his new awesome papa, but little did he know that Enan thought the very same thing! Initially, Anubis had some separation anxiety in fear of being abandoned, but now he knows that he is safe in his fur-ever home!

Bella (fka Kit)

Bella was just a sweet little black-and-brown pittie on the Love-A-Bull website when mom Helen saw and was enamored! It was love at first lick, as the pups would say, and Helen has become lifelong friends with the Love-A-Bull hooman team!

Love-A-Bull 2021 Alumni Calendar Honorable MentionsLink (fka Odysseus)

Link’s family says they would not feel complete without him — he was a dream come true! From the second he was brought into his new fur-ever home, they knew he’d change everything … for the better.

Spud (fka Aston)

Spud’s family fell in love with him instantly, especially with how cute and short he is! Spud is a total goofball and loves his hooman siblings immensely. He was the perfect addition to Sheilah’s family and brings them so much joy every day!

Wilbur (fka Churro)

Wilbur was just the pint-sized pittie his mom, Meghan, was looking for! It may have taken him a little bit of time to warm up to being in a new home, but once he did, he was just loving life. Wilbur now fills his family’s life with love, silliness and snuggles!

Maverick (fka Jester)

Maverick is the perfect dog for Emory! Maverick taught patience and unconditional love, and Emory would not have it any other way!


Achilles is the cutest little pocket pittie who was just waiting for a family to show him love! Luckily, Steven and his family were looking for the perfect fur-baby addition and thought Achilles was that dog. Achilles now enjoys living and playing with his pittie brother!



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