Love-A-Bull Love Story: Diego

Love-A-Bull Love Story Diego


Guest post by the Kelley family, in honor of Amplify Austin for Love-A-Bull

Our family was first introduced to Diego after being contacted by the Love-A-Bull organization. We quickly fell in love with him and his story!

We had recently lost our chocolate Lab of over 14 years, Mocha, and were looking for a companion dog for our chihuahua, Coco. We felt that the prejudice toward pit bulls was unfair and wanted to open our home to one of these sweet and misunderstood dogs.

Love-A-Bull Love Story Diego

Diego, while recovering from skin issues

We knew that we wanted a medium-size dog that would get along with smaller dogs and children, and Diego fit all of our requirements. When Diego made his initial visit to our family, we could clearly see that he had previously been mistreated. He was suffering from severe hair loss and skin issues due to mange and was obviously still recovering from being underweight due to being on the streets of Corpus Christi for so long.

Our family was surprised to see that, despite all this, Diego was one of the happiest and friendliest dogs we have ever met. We decided to permanently adopt him, and now he is feeling better than ever and is spoiled every day with love, attention, and plenty of treats! Diego has brought a lively and energetic spirit to our home that we have missed since our Lab passed away.

In regards to advice for those looking to adopt a new pet, it is important to be as patient as possible with your furry companion, especially if you are adopting a dog that has been mistreated by their previous owners. From our experience, we learned that it is vital to ensure that the dog feels safe around your family. This means being patient and taking things very slowly in order to build up trust with your pet. Eventually, your dog will learn that you are only there to provide them with love and their true personality will begin to shine!

Today, some of Diego’s biggest hobbies are playing with his stuffed alligator, Allie, getting belly rubs, and going on his daily walks! We have absolutely loved helping him get back to his full health and are so excited to continue to get to know him and give him plenty of belly rubs!

Love-A-Bull Love Story Diego

Diego, now happy and healthy in his forever home!