We’re always looking for reliable volunteers to support our mission and programs, and we appreciate as much time as you have available to give. We value each and every one of our volunteers and we’d love to have you on board! We could not do what we do without our awesome volunteers; you are the lifeblood of our organization!

So how do I become a volunteer?

  1. Complete and submit our online volunteer form.
  2. Keep your eyes peeled for an email that will invite you to join the Love-A-Bull Volunteer Facebook group and any of the committees you signed up for! We have set up this group to ensure better communication and volunteer engagement for our organization’s active volunteers.

***It’s possible that emails will go into spam folders, so please remember to check your junk mail.***

If for any reason you don’t receive periodic emails, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at getinvolved@love-a-bull.org to check in. Our goal is always to maintain open communications with our volunteers.

Love-A-Bulls Primary Events:

Here’s a preview of the primary events that Love-A-Bull typically hosts or attends. These types of events are what help us to achieve our organizations mission and goals. Our organization has many more volunteer opportunities outside of what is listed below, so please know that there truly is something for everyone, even those people who may not be able to commit to attending physical events.

  • Fundraising Events

    Fundraising events are held as a way to partner with local businesses, educate the community about pit bull type dogs and of course have fun! Fundraising efforts help Love-A-Bull achieve its financial goals in order to achieve the mission of the organization. Past fundraising events have included Pints for Pits, Doggone Disc Golf, Santa Photos and Pit Bull Awareness Day festival.

  • Community Outreach/Education (CO&E) Events

    CO&E events implement ways to better serve individuals or segments of the community in need of assistance. As the foundation of Love-A-Bull was built on education and advocacy these events are essentially our “boots on the ground” efforts to achieve Love-A-Bull’s mission of improving the image and lives of Pit Bull type dogs. CO&E events consist of educating the community and providing much needed resources such as training, dog food, vaccinations, etc. Typical CO&E events are Rabies Clinics, Fairs/Festivals and Chloe’s Clinic, which provides FREE spay/neuter vouchers redeemable at Emancipet, FREE vaccinations, microchipping, dog food and preventatives. CO&E events cultivates Love-A-Bull’s community presence by serving as a clearinghouse for helpful information or resources.

  • Adoption Events

    Adoption events provides various types of support to the organizations Adopt-A-Bulls, assisting fosters (coordinating food/vet care/supplies/training assistance), promoting Adopt-A-Bulls, planning and coordinating adoption events and performing various associated tasks (transport, meet-and-greets, finalizing adoptions, vetting foster and adoption applications, pursuing enrichment opportunities and techniques, etc.). Adoption Support events ensure the advertisement of the organizations Adopt-A-Bulls by networking with new venues to host adoption events and participating in other organizational events to highlight the dogs in our care.

Volunteer Dog Walkers & Runners

Like dogs? Want to help exercise our pups?

LOVE-A-BULL often has dogs in boarding at various locations throughout Austin. Our adopt-a-bulls in boarding are always in need of a walk, jog, run, special outing, visit, or just some TLC.

You do not have to have previous volunteer experience with LOVE-A-BULL to walk our Adopt-A-Bulls, but you must sign a dog walking waiver at the clinic where you are walking dogs if it has not been done online. The age requirement for dog walkers is at least 16 years old IF accompanied by a parent or guardian. Volunteers over 18 years of age are welcome to walk our dogs without supervision.

Interested in a leadership position?

Have you considered becoming even more involved with Love-A-Bull? Here’s your chance!

Email getinvolved@love-a-bull.org to find out what leadership positions we have open and express interest.

What if I’m also interested in fostering?

Awesome! Jump on over to the foster page to learn about our foster program and fill out the application so we can learn more about you. Filling out the foster application helps us assess which one of our adopt-a-bulls would be best suited in your home.

Who do I contact?

If you have any questions, you can contact our Volunteer Coordinator at getinvolved@love-a-bull.org.