LOVE-A-BULL does not accept dogs that are owner surrenders. On this topic, we’re direct and honest with you. Your dog is your responsibility, but more importantly, you are the person who cares most about his/her best interests. Instead, we offer information, guidance, resources, and tools to support owners who are dealing with issues perceived as obstacles to keeping their dogs.

Re-homing can be extremely traumatic for your dog and should be a last resort after all other options have been exhausted, including professional training by experts in the field of the specific behavior presenting as a problem. Finding a new home for a dog involves several steps and it will take patience and persistence to find your dog the right home. Before you start, please take a minute to read all the information contained via the following links. After you have reviewed all of the information, two additional resources are the APA PASS page, and the Best Friends Network Partners.

Do You Really Have To?

  • Moving
  • Having a Baby
  • Dog Behavior Issues & Training Assistance

Pet Rehoming Considerations

  • Contact Who You Originally Received Your Dog From
  • Evaluating Your Dog
  • Preparing Your Dog for Adoption
  • Advertising

Screening Potential Adopters

  • Phone Interview
  • Home Visit
  • Saying Goodbye
  • Paperwork

If you are dealing with a medical issue, we can refer you to local vet clinics:

If you are dealing with a financial issue, we can point you to:

If you are dealing with a housing issue, please view: