Texas Humane Legislation Network-How Can You Make a Difference?

Love-A-Bull was organized to advocate and educate on behalf of pit bull type dogs and for this reason we aim to be educated on bills specifically affecting our pets. As the 85th Texas Legislative session gets under way, Love-A-Bull volunteers from the Community Outreach and Education committee and The Pit Crew Therapy dog program, were on site during Texas Humane Legislation Network (THLN) last meeting of their Central Texas Chapter.

If you are not familiar with THLN, they hold an unusual nonprofit status that works heavily in favor of animal welfare advocates and supporters. THLN has promoted animal protection through legislation, education and advocacy since 1975. As a 501(c)4, THLN can advocate for strong, enforceable laws that will prohibit cruel acts against animals and give law enforcement and prosecutors the tools they need to bring justice in the courtroom.

THLN Representatives Celia Isreal and Gina Hinojosa spoke on the upcoming bills that have been introduced:

  • Texas H.B. 478: Would negate criminal charges for those individuals that break into cars to rescue pets in distress due to weather conditions. Read the details here: https://legiscan.com/TX/bill/HB478/2017
  • Texas H.B. 1087: Related to the creation of the offense of beastiality (the crime of engaging in sexual relations with an animal). The prosecution or consequences of being found guilty of this offense are weak. The new bill would seek to make the offense a felony and punishable with jail time. Read the details here: https://legiscan.com/TX/text/HB1087/2017
  • Texas H.B. 1156: Regarding tethering of a dog. Provides restrictions on how long and the type of restraint a person may use on a dog. Read the details here: https://legiscan.com/TX/text/HB1156/id/1467109

Texas is ranked 36th in animal protection. It is vital, that you, as a community member, understand who your representatives are and what they stand for. When it comes to topics like the one’s listed above and the ever-important Breed Specific Legislation (BSL), change comes when we, as citizens, ensure that we have voted the right people into office that have the best interest of our animals at heart when it comes to animal welfare topics. To stay up-to-date on this legislative session and future ones, please check out Texas Humane Legislation Network and Texas Tribune.

How do you really make an impact? According to Celia Isreal and Gina Hinojosa…” Being a constituent and calling your representative to show support of a bill is of utmost importance and how most bills are passed. Personalized emails are helpful as well, but calls are more effective. Showing up to sign your name at the hearing is the ultimate way to get a bill passed.”

For information on THLN approved representatives, click here: http://www.thln.org/the_network_s_2016_humane_endorsements_for_the_texas_primary_race

Put it on your calendar: Humane Lobby Day is April 27th, 2017