Love-A-Bull Adoption Story: Kristin and Boulder (fka Dom)

Kristin Boulder Dom Love-A-Bull Adoption Success Stories

Kristin and family, with Sadie, left, and Adopt-A-Bull alumnus Boulder (fka Dom), right.

Love-A-Bull is sharing the adoption story of Kristin in Austin and her Adopt-A-Bull alumnus, Boulder (fka Dom). Interested in adopting from us? Check out our current list of Adopt-A-Bulls here and find out more about what we ask for in adoption applications.

In Kristin’s words, her adoption story:

“My husband and I lost our 14-year-old dog in March and were absolutely devastated. We are both huge dog lovers and this was really hard on us, and it was right when COVID-19 hit, so everything was up in the air. Less than two weeks later, a neighbor posted in our neighborhood Facebook group that a friend in San Antonio was fostering a sweet dog named Sadie, but unfortunately the foster mom couldn’t keep her anymore and the organization wouldn’t take her back. We come to find out this is not a reputable organization. We met Sadie and instantly fell in love with her and adopted her on the spot.

We loved her, no matter if she was a pit bull or any other breed. My husband and I have no concerns over pit bulls or any bully breeds, so we didn’t even think twice about her breed when rescuing her. Actually, my dad rescued a pit bull from a terrible situation, where they were just keeping her to breed her and once she couldn’t have any more puppies they didn’t want her anymore. She was the sweetest dog, so I knew pit bulls were good dogs but I didn’t know much about the breed. We rescued Sadie and did a lot of research on pit bulls and their breed and misconceptions and quickly came across Love-A-Bull.

We just rescued Sadie and wanted a companion for her and started following Love-A-Bull to see if maybe we could rescue from this organization. We had our heart set on one dog from Love-A-Bull, and after a meet-and-greet going really well, we brought him home and Sadie was not a fan of him. He was too young and playful and didn’t take corrections and it was really stressful constantly watching their every move to ensure it didn’t end up in a fight. After a few days and lots of tears, we decided to take him back to the Love-A-Bull foster. My heart was broken that Sadie may not be a good companion for another dog and that we may be a single-dog family again. But I wasn’t ready to give up and neither were Lindsey and Sara from Love-A-Bull. We stayed in contact and they messaged me saying that they found the perfect dog for us and for Sadie. What organization can do that? They know their dogs so well and the adopters and want a perfect match. And it was a perfect match indeed! Sadie and Boulder (previously named Dom) are two peas in a pod and cannot be separated. They were obsessed with each other from the minute they met and never had any growing pains.

Sadie has quite a bit of anxiety and fear from her past situation, and you can tell that she was abused and is very protective of her home and her family. On walks, she would never go up to people in the past and now Boulder does and she follows along and trusts that he leads her. He has calmed her fears down quite a bit and made her much more relaxed in the house.

Sadie and Boulder do everything together. If one is smelling a spot outside, here comes the other to join in. Boulder loves his hard bones and will so kindly share it with Sadie if she comes over. I love that the two of them will just be chewing on one bone, basically their mouths in each other! They love to wrestle upstairs where we have carpet or play tug of war. If one of them has a toy downstairs, the other will get it in their mouth and they will carry it upstairs together to play together! We both work from home most days and these two are the perfect definition of Velcro dogs. From the moment I wake up until bed, they follow me everywhere and love to be close to me, even during conference calls.

I have so much appreciation for the animal shelters and I have always rescued my dogs, but didn’t know there could be such personalized attention like Love-A-Bull gives. This team does so much for pit bulls and rescuing them and ensuring they have great homes. I am now a volunteer with the organization and have since focused my donation efforts toward this organization only. I am a huge advocate for the breed and now having two of my own pitties, I cannot imagine ever having another type of dog.

Thank you, Love-A-Bull, for completing my family and bringing us so much joy.”

Sadie Dom Love-A-Bull

Sadie (left) and Boulder (right).