June 2020 Newsletter – Aspen’s Adoption Story and Foster Spotlight

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Dear Friends –
Thank you for your continued support. We have brought so many new dogs into our program over the past month. We are happy to report they are being adopted out as fast as they are coming in!!! We are very lucky to be surrounded by such amazing people in our community. Check out our current Adopt-A-Bulls HERE.Love-A-Bull Board of Directors,
Lindsey, Crystal, Kailyn, Sara, Roxy, Amber

Tuxedo is such a fitting name for this dapper gent! ? He joined the Adopt-A-Bull squad earlier this month after he was found by a Good Samaritan hiding underneath a home. His right eye was badly injured, to the point where it needed removal. But, handsome Tux (age 2), with his little tuxedo-like fur sweater markings, is recovering nicely in his foster home and his stitches are almost out! ♥️    To apply to adopt Tux – click HERE!

From his foster Dad:  “Tuxedo is straight-out happy! He wags his tail constantly and is very sweet and affectionate. He loves peolple!! Haven’t seen him around kids but there’s no doubt in my mind he would be great with kids. He is great with other dogs and has become buddies with my boxer, Duke. He has met my cat and just wants to play! Tuxedo is fantastic on the leash; he doesn’t pull at all and I’ve never once heard him bark. He’s great in the kennel, just doesn’t want to go into it at first. Potty trained from what I can tell — zero accidents.”

We are very excited to announce that one of our longest stay dogs, Aspen, has been adopted!! Aspen originally came to us in 2015 and then was returned to us by no fault of her own, twice, in 2019. We also want to give a HUGE THANK YOU to her last foster, Taralyn, who had her for 9 months. We could not have done this without you.
We interviewed Taralyn, here is what she had to say!LAB: Please tell us about Aspen!

Taralyn: Aspen is a high energy, vocal, determined gal who loves a good tug of war game and has no qualms about speaking her mind. Her favorite toy was a braided rope, that she would whip around the house in a frenzy, legs be warned. We had Aspen for 9 months and spent a lot of quality time together during the quarantine. She loves walks, talking smack to other dogs, yodeling when something more interesting was happening outside and was nervous during storms. Aspen is a leader and will try to command any situation. To be completely honest, Aspen was my favorite and I cried like a baby on my drive home after her adoption. She is a fiercely independent lady who suffers no nonsense and I loved it!

LAB: How did you first hear about Love-A-Bull and were you interested in fostering right away?
Taralyn: Lindsey was showing off Mama Kate on the news, we applied to foster and ended up with Mama Kate for 6 months. We will be hosting our 5th foster today with Love-A-Bull.

LAB: We couldn’t do what we do without our fosters. What is your favorite part about being a foster?
Taralyn: My favorite part about being a foster is that moment when they finally feel safe enough to be themselves. Each and every one of them has a very unique personality and when they feel safe you have the privilege of meeting the real dog, not the one who hides under a table or curls up on the side of the couch giving you side eye. You meet the goofy, tennis ball loving, wiggle monster who just can’t get enough tummy rubs.

LAB: What challenges have you faced in fostering?
Taralyn: Potty training, storm anxiety, chewing EVERYTHING (I have lost multiple power cords to computers) and saying goodbye…it’s very difficult to do. One stand out incident was after Mama Kate was spayed. She was loopy and unable to get out of my car on her own. Because it was a two-door I needed some assistance to get her out. I asked the Maintenance man in our building to grab one end of the blanket and help me lift her. With a makeshift blanket gurney, we were able to wiggle a plump, loopy Mama Kate out of the car and to the relative safety of the parking lot. Then I had to carry her, 50 lbs of dead weight, up 3 flights of stairs. It’s not an experience I would like to repeat.

LAB: What advice would you give to someone who is a first time foster?
Taralyn: The best advice I can give a first-time foster is to have the patience of a saint for the first week, prepare for some heartache when they are adopted and lastly enjoy it. If they are snugglers, watch some Netflix and snuggle up. If they are adventures, get out there and hit some trails and if they are playful, PLAY and PLAY hard.

LAB: What has your experience been with Love-A-Bull?
Taralyn: Love-A-Bull is made up of extremely fun and passionate group of people. They travel all over Texas just to save pups in need while continuously vetting and networking with future adoptees. I’m lucky to be one of them.

LAB: Anything else you want to share!?
Taralyn: People sometimes struggle with feeling they won’t make a mark on the world. Fostering is a great way to contribute to the lives of many while also enriching your own. That’s a significant mark in my book.

We have been busy!! Kale, Tofu, Scooby Do, Sapphire, Amber, Onyx, Topaz, Boudreaux, Tonic, Aspen, Juice Box, Pinot, Meatball, Zin, Capri, Annabelle, Dolly and Lilly.
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